5 questions entering the Bulls season

K.C. Johnson's media day piece on the five biggest questions entering camp for the Bulls.

3. How much better can Rose be?

Even some closest to Rose believe he exceeded expectations in winning
Rookie of the Year honors last season. That's why it shouldn't be a
surprise if Rose takes an even bigger jump in improvement from Year 1
to Year 2.

Rose has worked out religiously, mostly in Los Angeles with trainer Rob McClanaghan, and has added muscle in his upper torso. He looked focused, composed and more outgoing during an appearance at his local basketball camp in August.

Rose has told associates he hopes to be more assertive at the defensive end and with his leadership this season.

I quoted #3, because to me, it's the biggest question.   Does Derrick Rose become a star, all-star, or superstar this season?   The answer to that question will have the greatest impact on whether the Bulls become a 35 win team, a 45 win team, or a 55 win team.  

K.C. does a great job of simplifying the season down to the most important points though.   What impact does Gordon's leaving have?   Will Luol stay healthy?   What do we get out of Rose?   How will VDN do in year 2 as coach?   What do we get out of Tyrus?   

I think all the other questions are minor compared to those.   If the answers to those questions fall in the Bulls favor then the they could be a great team even if some other things don't go so well.


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