2000-01 Bulls, 3rd worst team of the decade

Top 10 worst teams of the decade:

Remember, the summer of 2000 was supposed to be it. Actually, scratch that, Chicago had big designs on the summer of 1999, if we're honest. And, if we're to be completely accurate, the summer of 1998 was supposed to see all sorts of free agents flock to Chicago to eat up the team's cap space. The summer of 1998 didn't happen, for anyone. GM Jerry Krause saw the writing on the wall when most FAs signed with their old teams for more money in the truncated post-lockout offseason, and after talking up the 1999 offseason, he decided to make a few more cap-clearing moves and parlay that money (and two lottery picks) to the 2000 offseason.

The return? An out-of-shape Brad Miller, Ron Mercer, Jamal Crawford and Marcus Fizer. Fifteen wins, losing by an average of 9.1 points per game.

Best thing about that photo is Tim Floyd with his legs crossed like a girl.  Somehow it surprises me that the Bulls only had one team on the bottom ten for the decade.  Though maybe it wasn't so bad as I remember it.

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