The "Haves" still spending

Hoopsworld wrote up an article about teams which are still raking in big revenue and notes that they're still spending money.    Sort of an odd conclusion that they drew in this one, given that only one of the five teams they list as "haves" really spent money.   Here's what they have to say about the Bulls who are, obviously, in the group of "haves".

Of this group, only the Chicago Bulls have been
quiet. Over the salary cap level, they have bought Tim Thomas out of
his contract, signed Jannero Pargo for only $2 million, and brought
back veteran Lindsey Hunter at a minimum contract. The Bulls also want
to be free agent players in 2010, but they also like their roster and
don't see too much need for change - at the moment.

I think many fans liked last year's roster and didn't see a big need for change, unfortunately they lost the best player from last year's roster due to money.   That point seems to alluded Hoopsworld's description of their off-season though in fairness, they did note us as being the exception to spending money out of the group of "haves".

So in order of the other teams, they try and hide the resutls though.   They start off with the Lakers who legitimately spent money.   Okay, there you go.   One team which is a favorite to win the title spent money.

That's it though.   They then discuss the Knicks saying they won't spend but mention the 2010 plan.   Well the haves are still not spending then right?

They proceed into the Celtics trying to make it look like they're big spending, but they didn't use a full MLE, merely a three year one on Rasheed Wallace.  Maybe they could have chased a better player with the full MLE, maybe not.    They also only locked up Glenn Davis for two years.   Both might be prudent moves, this isn't meant to bash the Boston off-season, but neither are "big spending moves" as the article title would imply.

Then the real comedy starts where they discuss the Suns spending big because they saved 4 million dollars buying out Ben Wallace.   Buying a guy out and saving 4 million dollars isn't spending money guys.  It's saving money.   See how the payroll went down and not up?   They also signed Steve Nash to a two year extension for a considerable discount on his present salary, signed Hill and Frye to really cheap deals and are willing to discuss an extension with Stoudemire if he proves healthy.   Again, not bashing the Suns off-season, but the citizens of Phoenix don't need to keep their head on a swivel to avoid getting run over by the Sun's money truck either.

Which leads us back to the Bulls who watched last year's best player walk away and be replaced by Jannero Pargo.   Please.

Maye the NBA paid them to write an article trying to make it look like it's not broke.   Maybe they've run out of material, but really, no one is spending.   Team's know better.


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