Sportsunplugged: Gordon moved by request of 2010 FA

Sportsunplugged is getting comical with this one.

Source: Deerfield
source says losing Ben is apart of the 2010 net. "Gar has some promises
to fulfill to a particular, potential FA".

The phrasing "a deerfield source" seems rather amusing since it implies that they just asked some dude in Deerfield what he thought.   However, since I wouldn't have flinched if they simply dropped the "anonymous source" like everyone else, I'll move past the unfortunate phrasing.   Deerfield, of course, is where the Berto center is located, so it's not like some random town either.

Here are a list of reasons why this rumor is almost certainly BS.
1) It implies we're tampering with other teams FAs very early in the process (a year in advance?)
2) It implies we're so focused on one FA that we would make present roster moves to appease them regardless of the effect on others
3) It implies that we'd allow a player on another team to determine our roster this season

All three of those are awfully difficult to swallow and combined, they're impossible.  

However, moving past the impossible, I always like to forge ahead, who could be the potential FA that could make such a request?    I can't think of anyone who makes sense to be honest.

Chris Bosh: You'd think he'd want an elite shooter on the outside, there'd be no conflict between their games.

Ditto for LeBron James.

Now I know what you're going to say.  Dwyane Wade wouldn't want him, he's from Chicago, they might actually have people close to Wade that they know, so it all makes sense!  Too bad that theory falls apart when we realize Miami actually tried to bring Gordon in a year ago, something it wouldn't do if Dwyane Wade wasn't on board with it already.

No one else would have the alure as a FA to even begin to make the Bulls consider such a move (okay, I slipped back into fantasy land assuming the Bulls would start clearing out guys on the request of other teams' players to begin with on that one).  

What else could we take from this rumor?   Ignoring the whole tampering thing, maybe the Bulls aren't actually fulfilling promises for a 2010 FA, but rather they are targetting a specific player and fitting the roster to that player.   Sure, it's rewriting what was written into a more logical way, but let's go down that road for the sake of a boring August and to fill up the rest of my morning train ride.

If they're just trying to fit the roster to a particular player, then you'd have to assume the target is Dwyane Wade or Joe Johnson, if we don't like to think small.   While Wade and Gordon would be a great fit, Wade, Gordon, and Rose together don't really fit on the court at the same time, and there isn't enough minutes to go around amongst the three of them.

Which brings me to this point, if we're targetting a FA to make our #1 priority out of the three, for the love of God, let's not make it Dwyane Wade.   He's the least likely of the bunch to be healthy and productive at the end of a six year contract as well as the least likely to fit in naturally with Derrick Rose.   2 guards who can't shoot, both need the ball to be effective, and both attack the rim just seems like a recipe for teams to stick in a zone and laugh at us missing jumpers all year.

I'd take Wade on total talent.  You have to.   I'm just saying the fit isn't great, and he's certainly not the first of the three guys I'd want on the team. Only be after I failed to get Chris Bosh and LeBron James do I start punching in Wade's number.

How long until camp starts again?


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  • What if Pat Riley wasn't trying to acquire Gordon to team up with Wade but to replace him using Wade in a trade as a way to restock the roster centered around Beasley's as the future #1 option? It's quite hard to create a winner with 2 alpha dogs on offense and that's where Gordon and Wade are at this point in their careers.

  • Let's not also forget, Gordon wants to shoot the ball and routinely goes out of the offense to get his shot(quick shots or just create his own shot to put up instead of getting the shot in the flow of the offense). If a big man who considers himself a #1 option wanted to come to the team, he definitely wouldn't want to have to battle with Gordon for shots at pressure time. While a great outside shooter and great big man should work great together, they have to complement each other instead of battle each other.

  • In reply to airp:

    Big Men, don't take last possession shots. It is almost always a wing player. BG would be a huge assest for a Bosh or other big man type. BG would really spread the floor with his shooting ability and make the double team have to come from the backside leaving Noah for an open dunk.

    Doug, you are right this really doesn't make sense and I don't understand this even if it is Wade. I also view Wade as the least likely to go. He really will more likely than not have a contender next year. They will have him, MB, Chalmers, another max guy and another above MLE guy. That team will be good and I have confidence in Pat Riley to put it together.

    If I were Wade, I would want Rose traded for a big. I mean he really can't be impressed with TT and Noah. And Rose could land you a top tier big. I just can't see Rose and Wade being an ideal fit nor can I see Pat Riley ever going for a S&T or Wade giving up 30 Million.

  • August is a Slow Month

    Like many of us have said, August is a very slow NBA month.

    I didn't understand the quote at first but now I do: Someone in Deerfield said getting rid of Ben Gordon was a requirement or request of a free agent the Bulls want to pursue in 2010.

    This is pretty arcane stuff.

    At best, the rumor is disinformation.

    Initially, Bulls fans will miss Ben Gordon. If enough fans think Jerry Reinsdorf "let go" of Gordon to please or acquire some mythical free agent in 2010, the fans might accept that concept.

    It's arcane stuff. (Arcane comes from Latin and means horse manure.)

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    Don't think you're using "arcane" correctly, dude. It is latin in origin, though. ;)

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    I think your dismissal of the Wade angle is logically faulty. Miami trying to trade for Gordon (at a time when they don't have any other top tier perimeter players outside of Wade) is different than Gordon being here when Wade wants to come (when you have 3--or 4, if you count Hinrich--guys to play 2 spots). I think it's legitimate to think that Wade might want Gordon as a running mate in Miami, but not in Chicago where he knows Rose is already there.

    That doesn't mean this rumor makes sense, though. Still ridiculous. Why do you keep paying attention to this guy, anyway?

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    i agree there's a 99% chance that this is bs, but I gotta disagree with targeting bosh over wade. I know he may fill a need more, but with salmons most likely opting out, I think Wade will fit a huge need. On top of that, I just think wade is a lot more talented. His shot is improving, and between wade and rose, I think just find a way to win, and win a lot. 2 guys that routinely command double teams will mean open shots virtually every play.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    If I am an opposing coach in the NBA, Rose and Wade, scares me a lot more than Rose and Bosh.

    Wade is a legit top 5 player, big shot taker/maker and closer. Bosh is something much farther down the food chain, not a true alpha dog to use your vernacular.

    I agree with you on the health issues, but if winning championships, or even just one, is the goal then I'd much rather take a shot with Wade than Bosh.

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