Sox get Rios, Bulls get Pargo

So my argument that spending huge money on Peavy proves Reinsdorf loves the Sox more than the Bulls wasn't too moving to a lot of you.   Different sports, different rules, Peavy's awesome, Gordon stinks etc, etc..

How about spending 59.7 million dollars on Alex Rios?   Are you going to tell me this guy is also better in his sport than Ben Gordon is in his?   I'm not sure I'm buying it.   Dude's batting .264 with a .317 on base percentage.   I'm not a huge baseball fan, but even I know that's mediocre. 

Yeah, he was much better before signing a huge contract extension, imagine that a guy who was way better before getting paid.  Maybe he comes out of his funk.  However, paying that much for him now is an exorbitant expense.  No need to try and fix other teams mistakes hoping a guy turns it around just to back to the point where he's worth his contract.

I'm not even sure if Rios makes the Sox better this year, and if so, it came at a massive price.   Maybe he replaces Dye in the future, but would you go out pay a guy batting .264 60 million to replace Dye?

However you break it down, when it comes to the Bulls, management is always talking about financial constraints and feasibility.   The Sox saw no problem adding 100+ million in salary for two guys having down years, one of which couldn't even play at the time of trade.  

I sincerely hope it works for them, and it very well may.   They took some aggressive chances on some highly paid but talented players who were presently struggling.

At the same time, it won't stop me from being a little bitter that the same chances wouldn't take place to improve the Bulls.


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  • JR loves the sox, I think I remember a quote of his that he would trade the six bulls titles for a sox title. We just aren't going to compete in anything but revenues till JR gives up his post. As you have said before in one of your articles, its just not right that one team is required to run 3x the profits of the other team when both of their revenues are very similar.

  • When the NBA introduces a mechanism that allows for complete and instant salary absolution in the event of mediocrity like baseball does, then you'll see the Bulls have a similar capacity for taking on salary.

    Until then....

  • Who the hell is Alex Rios, and who the hell paid him $60 million in the first place. Maybe is he a five tool player, as opposed to a one tool player.

    Even though I have no idea(barely) who this guy is, and I don't follow the Sox at all, I would say that Rios's contribution to actually winning games will at least equal to Gordon's, whatever minimal number that is.

    Whereas, Gordon believes that the reason you play the game is to put the ball in the hole(and collect a fat paycheck, above all else), we all know, as Herm Edwards so vividly reminded us, "you play to win the game".

    Finally, it appears that the Sox are picking up the final 4 years of a 6 year $64 million deal, so they appear to be on the hook for something less than $50 million, not exactly chump change, but not $60 million either. Also, I'm guessing that there are a lot more $10 million per year guys in Baseball than there are in Basketball, probably has something to do with the salary cap.

    Basically, as a basketball purist, I despise watching Gordon faking an attempt to play basketball, and don't believe that he contributes to a winning team. I could put up with him as a mid-level 6th man, but even then it would be painfull to watch.

    Apparently on this count at least, Reinsdorf agrees with me.

  • It's still far more pronounced. You build a team in the offseason, but if you're out of the race by the deadline, you can trim 8 figures of salary easily enough.

  • as a white sox and bulls fan, your reaction was almost identical to mine when i heard about this. however, i do like rios more as a player than you and he's absolutely an upgrade in CF over the podsednik/wise platoon of death. as a white sox fan im happy reinsdorf is giving williams the flexibility to make moves that he thinks will help the team this year and in the future, but as a bulls fan, every time a move like this is made i just think wouldn't it be great if reinsdorf would give his basketball people as much free reign to do what they please as he gives kenny williams?

  • Franchise Owners, Whims, and Profits

    We really don't know much about the world of professional sports owners. Fans often have much advice on getting players and use phrases like, "This free agent is worth his salary," or "Why is the owner so cheap?". Most millionaires don't hang out on the Internet commenting on potential trades...

    Jerry Reinsdorf has 6 NBA championships and 1 World Series championship. If he had one more NBA or World Series championship, what would he choose? Only Jerry knows for sure.

    Than you have the issue of profits. I've read the Chicago Bulls are very profitable. So even during the last several years of wandering through a wilderness of average Chicago Bulls teams, the fans have fully supported the Chicago Bulls and helped to make them profitable. So even if Jerry Reinsdorf did acquire Carlos Boozer, it wouldn't have meant a dollars more profit for the Chicago Bulls.

    Are the White Sox profitable? The White Sox keep complaining about low attendance and asking fans to come to the ball park. Is that why the White Sox really took Peavey and Rios? Will these two players put more fans in the seats at Cellular Field?

    I think Jerry Reinsdorf would rather have another World Series ring vs. an NBA championship. Also, a better baseball team will mean more profits from Cellular Field while a better basketball team won't add much more to profits for Jerry Reinsdorf.

    OK everyone, if you were Jerry Reinsdorf, you preferred a World Series championship over an NBA championship, and have a chance to make more profits from your baseball team, would you strengthen your baseball team or your basketball team?

    This is a good time to be a White Sox fan.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    That's an interesting point. I've often said that one of the benefits of South Siders over North Siders is that South Siders actually punish the team for not doing well, while the Cubbies draw pretty much the same whether they win or lose.

    I hadn't thought about the possibility that it would affect other teams in other sports--even if they are owned by the same man. Maybe Jerry doesn't fear the Bulls fan base, that they will support the team no matter what, and he can get those revenues regardless of what he does, while the Sox have to respect the fans' demands.

    An interesting thought.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    I admit it seems harder to defend JR than it was after the Peavy move.

    I still like the Rios move and am okay with losing Gordon, though. I mean, yes, in a perfect world we got Gordon for cheap awhile ago, but we don't know that that was an option (or at least I don't--you have better sources than me, who has none). I wouldn't want to lock us out of 2010 for Gordon, though, and while Gordon is only one part of that I'm ultimately not upset with what happened. Meanwhile, I think Rios is good insurance for the Sox in the future.

    It's hard to say they're the same because basketball has a salary cap which means adding payroll limits your flexibility even if you're willing to spend whatever, but I'm not sure I can defend JR from the notion that he's just not willing to spend on the Bulls.

    But you play with the hand you're dealt. We'll see how it all turns out.

  • Yet another slap in the face for all Bulls fans, even as a Sox fan I'm a little hesitant about this move as this move is based purely on the hope that he can regain all-star form in the long term but in order for that to happen he will likely have to take time away from Scott Posednik who is clearly better than Rios right now. This move could hurt the team's chances in the short term only to further wound our long term financial situation, although if Rios regains form, and that's a rather large if, it could be a great move but all in all I don't mind the move.

    I've said it before and I'll likely say it again, as a Sox fan I love Reinsdorf and as a Bulls fan I hate him. That hate is only compounded by moves like this, which show his double standard with the two organizations.

  • All very well. But to specifics, why do the Sox carry Contrares and Colon (and pitch Contrares as if he were a 20-game winner)? He alone appears to be costing the Sox a chance to win another division title. Good thing Colon is on the DL for he hasn't done anything either.

  • Doug - I'm not going to get into the more advanced stats, but there are some pretty clear reasons why this is being viewed as a complete steal for the Sox in baseball circles. Rios is a HUGE upgrade in center and while the contract will look bad in the last year or two, it should be pretty good for the next 3 or so.

    So, how does this compare to Gordon? It doesn't. Gordon is a better basketball player than Rios is a baseball player, but that's only one aspect of the market. The biggest issue is the salary cap and luxury tax. You've been through these issues with the Gordon situation. I understand what you're trying to do with the Peavy / Rios articles, but comparing the 2 leagues and contracts just doesn't make any sense. The rules are simply too different.

  • In reply to cecowger:

    You do realize that the bulls could have resigned BG, spent the full mle, paid the LT and their payroll would still be lower than the white sox. Since both produce the same revenue, the bulls would still be more profitable. The problem is JR is happy running the white sox for a small profit and making them hte best team he can. Meanwhile, the bulls can't be run at less than league leading profit and make him nearly 3x what the sox do. Its not really fair even including the LT.

  • Precisely, from day one, O.K. maybe day two, I said that the Bulls should have forced fed Gordon tapes of Reggie Miller, and Rip Hamilton, and that should have been his game, offensively.

    Obviously, they didn't, but most likely he wasn't receptive. I think that Gordon lets his ego(which despite his outwardly mild mannered demeanor is massive)get in the way of doing what is best for the team. He clearly thinks that he is a better player than he is in reality.

    As a result Ben Gordon was/is never going to change his game to help the team win, or for any other reason. He is the exact same player today that he was his rookie year, with the addition of some beach muscles.

    That only addresses the offensive part of his game, it is the rest of his game(or lack thereof) that makes him absolutely unwatchable. Really, what is the difference between Gordon and a guy like Reggie Theus, or for that matter Jamal Crawford, except that they had/have legitimate NBA size. Actually, Reggie was fun to watch, but you were never going to win with him.

    Does any of this make the Rios money better spent than Gordon money would have been, I can't really say, I find watching baseball almost as annoying as watching Ben Gordon play basketball.

    Never liked Curry, thrilled the day we traded him.

  • I'm not a huge baseball fan and I would much rather see money spent on the Bulls. However, Reinsdorf is essentially the CEO of two different companies, right? Do not the Bulls and Sox have differing ownership groups, so what might be considered a fine profit for the Sox group, may not be for the Bulls group. Just a thought and I could be totally wrong.

  • I think the Rios/Pods and Gordon/Pargo thing is a false comparison. Gordon's roster spot is being filled by Pargo, but he isn't being replaced by him. He's being replaced by increased minutes for Deng, Salmons and Hinrich.

    The White Sox are 3 games out of the playoffs and fundamentally, aren't any worse than the Tigers. In the NBA, the "better" team almost always wins a series. In baseball, "worse" teams win playoff series every year. Making the tournament gives you a chance to actually win the championship. That's not true in the NBA.

    I'm surprised to see you pull out the "breaking up the dynasty" thing. I've always viewed that as a lazy media / fan creation that ignored a crapload of evidence that the run was actually over. Rodman was done. Pippen had back surgery that off season and while he was still a very good player, he was never quite the same. People forget that Jordan had sliced a tendon in his shooting hand and would have missed the early part of the next season. Jackson calling it quits? Sure, I can see blaming management, but the, not sure I can gree with that.

  • This is Gordon/Salmons part two. They've made a move for a playoff push, but it also serves as a way to push the upcoming free agent (Dye) out the door at the end of the year. The Sox will keep Rios while dumping Dye and probably pick up their version of Pargo for a back-up outfielder.

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