Rose wants to be the best PG in the league

He did an interview about the 2k10 draftcombine cover which is a demo leading up to NBA 2K10. Most of the interview isn't overly inspiring, but Rose throws out a "I want to be the best".

To be the best player in the league at my position, and hopefully be
the best player in the NBA. There's no point of playing basketball if
you don't want to be the best -- or doing anything if you don't want to
be the best. So that's my goal for next season. 

Of course, you always want to hear a player has high goals, and hopefully he an reach them.  Still, it's more or less the common answer for any emerging player to give to a common question.  

I guess we can't get our hopes up for too much depth in an interview about a video game cover though.



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  • Just wondering, did Jordan ever actually say this in public, or did he keep it to himself.

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