Michael Beasley checks into rehab center

Just a couple days after posting this about being happy we took Rose over Beasley, a much more serious reason to be thrilled to have Rose rears it's head.

According to yahoo sports, Beasley checked into a rehab center for substance abuse and psychological issues.
I guess the bad tattoo remorse was too much to take.

All kidding aside, I hope Beasley sorts himself out.  Like many NBA players, he didn't have the greatest upbringing, and I think that makes his transition awfully difficult.   He was a great player to watch in college, and he could be an outstanding pro still.

I hope he's able to pull it together and gets the help he needs.   Having known several people in situation where they needed to check into such facilities, it's a scary time for those close to him and something he'll likely struggle with his whole life. 


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  • Sad but true...

    Again, these are just young men with money beyond their dreams at a very early age.

    I can only hope Michael Beasley the young man finds the help he needs. Living comes first. Basketball comes second.

  • Ugh...lousy. People really underestimated his rookie season. If you compare his per36 stats to Melo's from his rookie season, they are almost identical. I hope he gets it together because he could be a really awesome player

  • He should have stayed at K-State. T

  • Didn't he just say that he was going to clean up his act because he saw how much he is loosing in fines? Still gotta a lot of talent but will he ever be anything better than a stat stuffer with it. I wonder if the Heat still regret not trading MB and expiring for bosh. The intresting thing to note is that MB is not Riley's choice either.

  • I thought it was pretty much out there that they had offers of Stat or Bosh for MB and expiring. I specifically remember it about Amare.

  • I think Beasley might be putting this on his series for BET.

  • This was the risk with Beasely, although he still would have gone 1 or 2 if he stayed a KState for another year.

    I have no comprehension of the world that some of these guys come from. But is still amazes me that with all the disasters that have come before them, especially in the NBA, that they can't figure out that being a world class athlete and doing drugs(yes pot smoking is drug use) cannot ever coexist, never have and never will.

    On the other hand, if you want to be a no class althlete than indugle away.

    I have no sympathy for drug users of any kind, especially those who are blessed with so much athletic gifts, they are simply morons of the first order. The world would be a better place if we simply incinerated all users and sellers. Nothing but idiotic suffering of unimaginable proportions comes from drug use and selling. Welcome to Bill Maher's world.

  • It's sad to see people/media bashing him and Phelps got a pass on by the media. What's that about?

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    Phelps got a pass? His story was on every single news and non news outlet in the free world. I doubt that anybody besides basketball junkies even know who Beasely is, or care for that matter.

    Also, I would bet that Beasely is a longtime regular user, while Phelps probably was just blowing off some steam after years of spending every waking hour with his head buried in a pool. Not justifying Phelps use, but it is more akin to someone who is always on a diet, binging once a year on pizza, donuts, Dorittos and beer.

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    yes i do feel bad for beasley and hope he gets the help he needs but aren't you guys so happy that we took rose over beasley? i didn't know who i wanted until about 2 weeks before we decided....im so glad we got rose, any of you think beasly might be a significant factor on if wade stays in miami if he's not productive this season? i mean there gonna have no scoring except wade. Moon is gone and beasley is potentially gona regress...plz wade come to chicago :) ill buy you a deep dish if you do

  • In reply to Simeon2UC:

    btw i know moon isn't a huge factor but the heat need all the help they can get...wade was the leading scorer in the league and thats the only reason they made the playoffs....(plus the other things he does obv)is there any way the heat can get better before the season starts? it seems like teams are locked in with the players they have now...im not saying that the heat are going to be as bad as projected but i just know there introuble

  • Unless there are a ton of guys who somehow managed to keep it in the closet, it seems to me that every guy that we know to have used pot, has seen his performance suffer to the point that his career was in jeopardy if he didn't stop using. Most guys never recover even after they stop using, can you name even one.

    I would doubt that there is a single HOF player in any sport that regularly used pot throughout his career, probably not even a single multiple time all-star.

    Maybe, I am naive, having never touched anything, not even a regular cigarette. But I do know the affect that even moderate drinking the night before had on my own athletic ability when I was in my 20's. Now, even a couple of glasses of wine with dinner is noticable the next day in the gym. And I am just a regular guy, not a world class athlete. If I was one, I doubt that I would ever have a drink during the season, at least if I was serious about my profession.

  • I wasn't really trying to make a moral argument with regard to my personal beliefs, (I detest cigarette smokers, don't hang out with any). I was just trying to relate my personal experience with regard to any substance which affects your neuro-muscular skills and althletic competition. I don't see how it cannot have a negative effect, it certainly can't be positive.

    As for Mellow, they only reason I wouldn't want him on my team(the 2011 plan) is because he looks and acts like a pot head. And maybe if he didn't smoke pot he would be Kobe or Lebron. As for Walton, I'd love to have true knowledge of how much pot he smoked the year the Blazers won the championship, I'd say not much during the season.

    Finally, I actually believe that drugs should be legalized, heavily regualted and taxed, just like drinking, prostitution and all other behaviors that apparently you cannot stop human beings from pursuing. This would result in much less periferal damage to the rest of society as drugs are actually cheap to produce and we would elimanate most crime currently associated with drug use, which is massive(at least 50% of all crime).

    Anyway, I guess I've gotten off the point. But I have no sympathy for anyone who uses drugs and cant' perform their job, especially world class athletes who would otherwise be homeless people.

  • I was a competitive swimmer in high school. Training was hard, but nothing compared to what Phelps has gone through for nearly a decade. You simply could not survive the training if you were using everyday, nevermind win 14 gold medals.

    That is a statement that I would bet my life on. Phelps made it to the pinnacle of his world and took a break from training(for the first time in a decade) and maybe even common sense to blow off some steam, and like nearly every one of us did in our youth did some things that he won't be proud of in the future. When he ends up in rehab, then I'll change my hypothesis.

    I don't see any imperical evidence linking world record breaking performance and pot smoking, or anecdotal for that matter.

    Never-the-less I don't think that Phelps got anything resembling a free pass.

  • Yes, Sources confirmed that rising Heat talent Michael Beasley, 20, has checked into a Houston rehabilitation center to seek counseling for psychological issues and apparent drug use. It is unknown whether it is an in patient or out patient. He had recent posts on Twitter showing off new tattoos (another tattooed athlete

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