Memphis forced to forfeit 07/08 season due to Rose's cheating?

That's what the AP is reporting via the Chicago Sun Times.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis will be forced to vacate the record 38
victories from its Final Four season of 2007-08, according to a report
by the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

The newspaper, citing a source close to the situation, said on its Web
site Wednesday night that the NCAA will on Thursday release findings of
its investigation into violations committed by the program.

Simply don't care.

Believe me, athletes have been insulated from far worse things than an SAT scandal which only exists because of a rule stopping Rose from going immediately to the NBA.  Personally, I think it's quite obvious that Rose's college education was about learning how to play basketball from a high level coach.

That's what he intended to do for his career.  He went to school to learn more about basketball (and because he was forced due to some rather unconstitutional NBA rules).   His SAT scores are as relevant to me as a brain surgeon's FT%.  

Yes, he may have cheated, but if we demanded that all brain surgeon's hit 70% of their FTs than I'd imagine a great number of them would go try and find a basketball player to shoot them for them if they could.   The fact that he cheated on something irrelevant to his future to do something relevant for his future doesn't bother me much. 

Ask the Bulls if they care what his SAT scores were when they drafted him.

It's unfortunate this whole thing exists simply because I feel the situation Rose was put in wasn't fair to begin with.  That's part of the wacky line of morality that colleges need to figure out.  They claim high ethics, but then do every sleezeball thing possible to land players, offering all kinds of illegal bribes to them, and make billions off of them.  Then when the house of cards falls down, people point at the players instead of the schools.

Do you think Rose (if he cheated) figured out how to do so on his own?   I think it's far more likely that this was all handled for him by someone trying to make a buck off of him.  I never want to see a guy cheat, but I think the real problem here is the system. 

Rose's issues aren't a positive for me, and I'm not going to say he's purely a victim or completely innocent.  Still there's no reason he should be put in that situation which only exists to that the NCAA can sell a lie about the purity of it's game, and the NBA can get some free publicity for it's incoming athletes.



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  • Like you Doug, you know I don't care for this story and it has no impact on Rose's career with the Bulls but what I do find interesting about this the weak punishment dished out to Memphis.

    If the NCAA cared about this happening again they would take away scholarships as opposed to wins, which really does nothing. Furthermore had Memphis won the championship I doubt they would have even taken this action as it would have tarnished the NCAA more than the individual university, as they have never taken a title away from a major sport, to my knowledge, even when large violations are widely believed to have taken place.

    The NCAA allows stuff like this to happen because it benefits them and they are a business at heart then they punish the schools for taking advantage to say see we don't allow this kind of activity. This whole story is just an example of the corruption of the NCAA and how stupid the one year rule the NBA has is.

  • I've often wondered why schools don't try to be more honest and smart about this stuff. Like, maybe start a basketball program, where you could get a degree in basketball. Everyone knows that's what those guys are there for anyway. Why should the university force them to study something they're not interested in order for them to learn what they really want?

    I understand that most college players aren't going to the NBA, but most Art History majors aren't going to be doing that, either. A college degree is supposed to be generalized enough to let you adapt to other professions. Why not admit the truth and actually try to help these young men accomplish their goals?

  • Colleges exist to help young people prepare for their future. If that future is in sports, then requiring math from that student is a waste of time. Requiring minimum level SAT's and ACT's is similarly worthless and probably discriminating against good kids that just aren't inclined to excell in school. College athletes who can't earn money by making commercials are being denied their right to pursuit of happyness. And yet, the quagmire of corruption called the NCAA continues to make their millions. I wonder what will happen when an Ohio State alumnus pays an overrated high school athlete to attend Michigan, or a UCLA alumnus pays a USC athlete? What will the NCAA do then? How will they prove anything? What school(s) will they put on probation? IF all the athletes decide that bowl season or March Madness is a good time to go on 'strike', what will the NCAA do then?

  • i cant stand selfrightous hypocrites like you, this has been going on since the ncaa has been able to make money of players, their violation isnt directly pointed at rose, you dont know what the circumstances were your just following what you have read. this is the reason that college players should be paid somthing, because the ncaa have been pimping college athletes since the beginning, and you know what? its still happening. i was in college in the early 80's and i got offers froms schools to play baseball so i know first hand, this kid if the best thing thats happened to the bulls since MJ so if you want beasly, move to miami and become a heat fan

  • your an idiot, what character issues does rose have? answer that mr know it all, all your doing is expressing your OPINION thats it, just because you think it doesnt mean its true, i hate idiots on the outside looking in to pass judgment because of somthing they read in the damn paper. who died and made you a choir boy?

  • hey idiot i can tell you this, when colleges look out for one if they did anything at all you can bet your last dollar they did it for the rest of them also, you cannot be that dumb and niave to think that rose if he did anything wrong was the only one involved do you? get off your high horse in your suburban home and come to the real world daffy duck

  • it isnt the players at fault when it comes to ncaa rules or sats or whatever, its the system they are put in, the obsticles put in their way, when these organizations run a billion dollar industry and have the nerve to penalize the main commodity (players) for using any method they can to get past these obsticles if they view them difficult to get past is stupid, the ncaa should pay these players some sort of % since the billions of $ in revenue is a direct result of the players participation in whatever sport be it football, basketball, baseball when i see the hypocrasy of this society passing judgment on these young kids it pisses me off. if it werent fo the players there wouldnt be an ncaa, ever thought of that? how would this organization survive or even exsist without these young men and women? they wouldnt, so they should get paid somthing, even if its nothing but miminum wage it should be somthing at least then these kids wouldnt need to cheat to get past obsticles in their way.

  • you trying to say you never cheated on anything you self rightous hypocrite, you need to take that suburban attitude and shove it where the sun dont shine, i can just imagine you live the perfect life, when it storms outside your the only one the sun shines on. shut your trap if you dont like rose, dont watch him, there are millions who will though so your insignificant daffy

  • Lots of people do silly things when they are 17/18 years old. Rose seems like "our kind of people", as Krause used to say.

    And as Doug points out: "the system breeds so much corruption that no team could avoid players that were involved in college scandals."

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