Hoopsworld chat on the Bulls

Steven Kyler did a chat today and answered a few Bulls questions:

Name the best pure athletes (speed, strength, vert, etc.) at their respective position. My list looks like : DRose, Iguodala, LBJ, Amare (possibly Blake Griffin) and of course D12.

Steven Kyler:
PG -Derrick Rose - Rajon Rondo - Thorpe convinced to drop Chris Paul.
SG - Brandon Roy - Iggy - Kobe
SF - LeBron - Trevor Ariza
PF - Al Horford - Thorpe says Tyrus Thomas, it's not even close - Rob Kurz says Anthony Randolph must on the list.
C - Dwight Howard

hey steve...love your chats... do you think joakim noah can be a double-double guy this season?
Steve Kyler:
Yes... Joakim was down at IMG earlier this summer and really worked on the mechanics of his shot, I think thats gonna help a lot, add the fact that he will be used more and more as he develops and learns to stay out of foul trouble... I wouldn't expect a huge double-double, but is 10 points and ten rebounds

Also a question up about Rose's marketing potential.   Interesting to see that Rose/Tyrus are on the best athlete list for their positions, but not real surprising. 

I'd also note that David Thorpe was sitting next to Kyler when asked about Noah being a double double guy.   Given that Noah is working with Thorpe, we know that Kyler got that update up to the minute.

David also told me at summer league that he sees Noah being a double/double guy if he gets minutes.   Noah's working on his shot, but I hear the tornado ball is still there, so I don't expect him to be taking many in game jumpers.


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  • Did you come up with "tornado ball"? It's hilarious.

  • what do you guys think of monte ellis for shooting guard? to me he's an amazing athlete who needs to be refined into a position and still has alot of potential

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