Dwyane wants to stay with Miami

According to a recent interview, Dwyane Wade isn't going anywhere in 2010.

Dwyane Wade said in a recent interview,
regarding his eventual free agency, "The plan has always been to stay
with the Heat, and that's still the plan."

Heat can offer Wade about $30 million more than any other team, and he
also said, "I want to be one of those players that stays with one
franchise for his entire career."

Well after previous rumors of Dwyane Wade buying a house in Chicago excited Bulls fans, this interview gets to deflate those hopes once again.  Not so fast though, if Wade wanted to stay in Miami that badly then he'd already have signed a contract extension right?

He hasn't.

The Heat assuredly already offered him the max, and Wade hasn't taken it yet.   He can discuss wanting to stay with Miami, and he may want to stay with Miami.   However, if he wanted to stay with Miami that badly then he could do that and make over 100 million dollars at the same time.

Now, I'm not saying Wade is lying to everyone about Miami as he packs his bags for Chicago (or elsewhere), but at the same time, this quote should be taken with a grain of salt as well.  Wade seems poised to wait a year and decide in the 2010 off season rather than make a decision now.  


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  • I wouldn't be surprised if Wade opted in next year. I forgot where I saw the numbers but if he opts in next year and resigns for the max, it will come out to 169 mill over the eight years. It gets him the most money to opt in next year and resign.

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  • I'm not saying we will but he is clearly Miami's franchise player. Regardless of he accepts his option or resigns they will be getting an amare/bosh/boozer in the off season and have the makings of an elite eastern conference team. Riley will pay him whatever he wants.

  • I don't think that Miami cares about paying the LT. They are going to be paying it this year and have in the past. Its also not just wade and bosh. They already have chalmers as a serviceible starter and Beasly will at least be a good third scorer. They only have 6 mill committed next year outside of wade, they will be able to sign another above mle guy to go with wade, max fa, chalmers and beasly. They also will have the mle to add more talent in later years. I also have a really strong feeling they get amare, i think bosh will stay put. Miami will be an elite team in the east for the next 5-6 years barring injuries.

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