Derrick Rose quotes from his Deerfield basketball camp

From K.C. Johnson, John Jackson, and ESPN Chicago:

"We're gonna miss him a lot," Rose said. "He took a lot of pressure off me last year, but we'll have to see this year."

Gordon led the Bulls in scoring the previous four seasons, so replacing him will be a challenge.

guess they're looking to the future," Rose said of management. "Ben is
a great player, one of the best players I've ever played with, a good
guy. It was a business move, him going to Detroit."

Two interesting quotes:

First, Gordon took a lot of pressure off of Rose.  Well that's pretty obvious, but I think Rose may thrive under having greater pressure this year.   We'll see, but while I've been critical of those who want to canonize Rose after his rookie season, I still think he's in for a big season this year.

Second, I hadn't really thought about it these specific terms, but Ben Gordon isn't one of the best players Rose has played with.

He's the best.   By a lot.   Hopefully that won't be true in three or four years, but as of now, who's the second best player Rose has played with?    John Salmons?   Kirk Hinrich?   Brad Miller?   Luol Deng?

I guess that's something that any rookie can say though.   Any NBA rookie is playing with probably 5-6 guys (minimum) better than any player he's ever played with before.

Plenty of less interesting things about the SAT scandal and gang sign among other quotes as well.


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  • I would agree that Gordon is the best player he's played with at the pro level, but the way he put it suggests that he wasn't only speaking about his time in the pros. It's important to remember that he has played with some pretty spectacularly talented guys outside of the Bulls, whether in AAU, national team squads, or youth all-star teams (of which he has played in many).

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Exactly, team usa is full of superstars and potential superstars. He played with Durant, Mayo, Kevin Martin and Aldridge against guys like Kobe, Paul, Williams and Bron. He has played with and scrimmaged against a lot of good guys. That speaks a lot of BG and almost sounded like he was trying to be nice.

  • In reply to Greddy:

    Again, Ben Gordon is simply not a good or great basketball player.

    He is a good, probably not great shooter(because he is too streaky) and streak scorer. He does nothing else even remotely close to average.

    In order to be a good or great basketball player, you have to be well rounded in all facets of the game, and good or above average in all or most facets of the game.

    I thought I saw Rose's quote elsewhere as saying that Ben was the best scorer that Rose has ever played with.

    I am certain that he meant "best" as a teammate, and he was not counting team USA, AAU, or allstar teams.

    I too believe that Rose was just being polite, I don't sense much convinction in anything he has to say.

    I hope that Rose is a late bloomer as a personality. Everytime that I hear him speak, he seems very immature, alomost childlike, kind of a Momma's Boy.

    This is something that began to creep into my mind everytime that Rose took a blow during the season, he seemed on the verge of crying more than once, was slow to bounce back, and needed to go to the bench to recover. Clearly, he never played football.

    I think that toughness, mental and physical will be the only limit on Rose's upside. I just don't know if toughness is something that you can teach, develop or acquire as an adult. I know that Bill Parcels doesn't believe that it can be.

    This could be the downside of Rose having his older brothers shelter him all his life, maybe they fought his fights for him.

    Rose reminds me of Scottie Pippen, he like Rose was somewhat of a wimp in his early years. I think that playing with Michael made him much tougher than he ever would have been on his own.
    However, despite all the championships, in the end I still think that Pippen was not a true warrior, he always had a little bit of pussy in him.

    Which is why is think Rose will be more Pippen(certainly not a bad thing) than Jordan, and the Bulls have to acquire thier new Jordan next summer, can you say Lebron, or Wade.

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