Derrick Rose, Endorsement star?

Hoopsworld has a blurb on Derrick Rose as an endorsement star.

Derrick Rose Moving Up: Admittedly this is not going to be a good week for Derrick Rose, with word that the University of Memphis will surrender its Final Four season. Because of improprieties from Rose's SATs and travel benefits given to his brother, Rose will be in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. However that's not going to change something somewhat surprising - Derrick Rose is one of the top brands in basketball.

Industry sources explained this week that of all the NBA players Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose are the most effective endorsers of products, especially in the shoe market.

Interesting that Rose's fame has reached such a peak so early.   Derrick Rose as a top four endorsement guy already?   I mean, he's listed ahead of Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Brandon Roy, Kevin Durrant, and Carmelo Anthony.  

I'd never realized he'd already reached such a huge level of popularity around the country.  Hopefully, he backs it up on the court and becomes as good a player as the guys he's lumped in with as a shoe endorser.



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  • Wow... i think it's just a testament to how popular the franchie is though, not just in the US either. But worldwide, they have been dying for a 'star' player since ohh.... 98?

    There's a reason they topped in attendance despite only winning <20 games for 5 seasons in a row :(

  • Derrick Rose is like Michael Jackson during his beat it, thriller days.

  • Hopefully he starts getting the foul calls that go with the popularity.

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