Bulls preseason schedule released

In news that possibly only interests me, the Bulls have released their preseason schedule.  Why it doesn't come out with the normal schedule initially is beyond me, but once again the Bulls will be hitting up season ticket holders for four full priced preseason games. Personally, being forced to buy preseason games has never bothered me.  Charging full price for them bothers me some, but I'm always anxiously awaiting preseason games by the time they come.   Preseason games are also an exciting time to see the rookies in their first real action.

Oct 2nd @ Indiana 6pm
Oct 6th v Utah 11:30am (played in London)
Oct 10th @ Milwaukee 7:30 pm
Oct 13th v Milwaukee 7:00 pm
Oct 14th @ Minnesota 7:00 pm
Oct 16th v Minnesota 6:00 pm
Oct 19th v Orlando 7:00 pm
Oct 23rd v Washington 7:00 pm

All in all, this is a fun preseason schedule to me.  Minnesota will have Jonny Flynn, my boy, and possibly Ricky Rubio to match up at PG against Derrick Rose.   Milwaukee just drafted Brandon Jennings at PG as well, so we get to see another potentially exciting PG in action (though I'm not a Jennings fan).   Utah's always a fun game, because Deron Williams always excites much of the Bulls fan base which went to UIUC or followed Deron at UIUC.   

Preseason games aren't like normal games, the standard star power type attraction doesn't apply, because those players frequently sit out or play sparingly anywa, but it's a fun time to check out young players, similar to summer league but played at a higher level.

The only downside to me, is the Bulls don't play at the United Center until the 13th.  However, I'm happy to have a game starting as early as the 2nd giving the Bulls an October full of games.


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  • 37 days until we can watch the Bulls, wow, awesome. It's still preseason, but of the Big 3 sports I personalli find NBA preseason to be the best.

  • I will watch a Bulls game for the first time!! So excited!!
    I'll be there in London, trying to get my Rose jersey signed

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