Bulls.com launching fan community and doing big Jordan stuff?

Their twitter has some info about a new Bulls community for fans forming on their website and some new Jordan thing they'll be doing over the next few weeks.  Sam Smith wrote an article about it, and there's an interview with Paxson. I've always been surprised that the Bulls didn't have a fan community built into their official website, so it will be interesting to see how this works out.  

I have to admit, I understand the Jordan stuff, but I'm not a huge fan of it.  It's been over 10 years, and he works for another team.   I'd rather do three weeks of coverage on Derrick Rose personally.

Still, I understand the nostalgia of looking back upon some of the greatest times of any team in any sport.   Few fans have an era to look back upon that can ever approach the Jordan era in terms of feel good nostalgia.



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  • Can we start the Jordan comeback rumors then? :D Hell, if Favre can do it with a bum shoulder....

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