Bulls 14th in power rankings

NBA.com's power rankings put the Bulls at 14th.  They're 7th in the East.

Pace: 92.0 (9), Off: 109.7 (18), Def: 110.0 (17)
Can a team improve after losing its leading scorer and adding only a
couple of non-lottery picks? They can if they have Derrick Rose with a
year of experience and Luol Deng, who can make them a tough defensive
team again, coming back from injury.

The quotes are kind of odd.  Luol Deng's going to make them a tough defensive team again?

I also don't buy into the Wizards (9th) or Raptors (13th), and think the Heat (19th) got hosed a bit.   Haven't really looked at the west yet.    Overall, I think the Bulls at 14th seems pretty fair even though I'd have probably put the Heat above them and the Wizards/Raptors behind them.


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  • Deng, who can make them a tough defensive team again, coming back from injury. wtf?

  • In reply to souleater7:

    I think you guys are underestimating his defense. He's a good team defender who rotates well and doesn't blow assignments. He's not the pressure defender you want on a Kobe or Lebron, but his type of defense is vital to the overall success of a team.

  • Doug, as I have said before, the Wiz and Raptors have more talent than us. Outside of Rose, this team is a lottery team. And Rose is not a star yet. I think this year, we learn exactly how much BG meant to this team. A healthy Wiz or Raptors team feature a top 20 player and two borderline allstars. I really think you underestimate them if they are healthy. That is the only question.

  • I tend to agree with Doug here. The Bulls are pretty much are safe bet to be at or around .500, which I know is nothing to write home about. The Wiz and The Raptors, under ideal circumstances, could be significantly better, but I don't find the chances of them facing ideal circumstances very high. I could maybe live with one of the two ranked higher than the Bulls, and I might lean towards Toronto being neck and neck with the Bulls, but I have no faith in Washington.

  • They were only lottery teams last year, we had a bad 07-08, we are not that removed from it. Both had added talent and depth to last years roster and shouldn't have the same issues.

  • I think we're lucky they didn't smack us harder than that. I have a hard picturing us there. I think Derrick Rose will carry the team next season like he did Simeon and Memphis. So sad, Jerry and John are killing our star already.

  • I am with theStig on this. My first scan through the Bulls schedule leads me to believe they win 35 games this year. That has lottery written all over it. I do expect a slow start to cause management to make some early moves, so hopefully things will change quickly.

  • In reply to preston:

    I really think we will be losing a lot of close games. We are not a good clutch team and our defense is pretty bad. I can see us missing the playoffs just as much as i can see us sneaking into the 7th or 8th seed.

  • I think that the Raptors are going to surprise everybody, especially you. If Arenas is healthy, i.e. plays most of the games, they are right back where they were, ahead of the Bulls, didn't we lose to them twice in the playoffs.

    I think the Bulls struggle to make the playoffs just like last season, 7 or 8 at best.

  • Cleveland, Orlando, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, Miami, All in.

    Bulls, Wizards, Philly, Indy, Charlotte and Detroit fight for the last 2 spots. 50/50 that we make it in. As usual injuries will probably be the deciding factor.

  • Arenas reinjured himself by coming back early last time to play in the playoffs. He clearly came back to play for the playoffs and was obviously still recovering and hurt. That set him back this past year and reports are he is in excellent shape and recovered. His exhibition game impressed a lot of people.

    Thats good but he isn't likely to decline much this year and is still a borderline all star talent.

    Butler has played 62 games on average for the past 3 yrs, not great but not terrible.

    If healthy, that team is a playoff team, i understand your concern they won't be but they were a up and coming team before last year.

    Toronto also had a injured Caladron. They also shored up their biggest weakness with Hedo. He gives them a lot of outside shooting and perimeter offense. He might not be that great but he is better then Marion and O'Neal and directly fills a need.

    I understand they are not guarantees but if healthy(which is what the power rankings assume) they have better talent than us. Outside of Rose, I can take or leave anyone on our team. That is what puts us down, if you hold the injuries against us then Deng is likely to be out too.

  • I really don't think that they will have a hard time developing chemistry. Their big 3 had excellent chemistry and had been playing together for years. They will also all be healthy and have a full training camp. I really doubt that will be a problem.

    I agree, 45 or less wins. But that will be good for a 4 or 5 seed.

    I think their talent blows ours away. I think you overestimate our talent. We don't have a 20ppg scorer on our roster and we are not the same defensive team that could cover it up in the past with defense and hustle. We are a scoring team with no real scorers. That screams what the knicks did last year. Rose will need to jump up to Chris Paul status to get us out of the the first round. If we don't get anyone better around him, I think he will be easily neautalized like he was last year with doubles at half court. If I were an opposing defense, I have no problem letting Deng, Kirk and TT try and beat me. I would just duck me head when the ball ricochets off the rim.

    Meanwhile, Arenas and Bosh are both top 20 players. Something Rose is not likely to be this year. Calderon and Hedo and Butler and Jamison are both borderline allstar types. Something Salmons, Kirk and Deng (unless the offense is designed around him and he has no hang nails the whole season)are not. This team is deeply flawed and my prediction is we lose a lot of close games this year. Rose is not effective at taking the last shot, we don't have good last minute coaching (espically if we need a TO) and our clutch defense is pretty bad. I would say we are 50/50 at making the playoffs. There is just a glut of deeply flawed teams like us that are going to be borderline playoff teams.

  • (my opin obv)
    bulls without healthy loul deng=8th seed
    bulls with healthy loul deng=6th or 5th seed
    wizards=7th seed (they could go anywhere depending on the chemistry)
    raptors=8th seed maybe not make playoffs
    Also I think loul deng normally wouldn't make a big difference on improving a defense except for the fact that we had such horribly inconsistant defense last year we could sorely use is above average defense....

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