Aaron Gray wants a two year deal

From Mike McGraw's recap of the Bulls charity golf outing:

The only other bit of news I found was center Aaron Gray still hasn't
signed his one-year qualifying offer. His agent might be thinking
there's still a chance for a two-year guarantee out there somewhere.
Either way, the team expects Gray to be the 13th player on the roster.

I don't blame Aaron Gray for looking.  His qualifying offer will still be there until Oct 1st, so he can continue to look for as long as he wants.   Why be in a hurry?

At the same time, I think he's dreaming if he expects to find a two year deal.  I expect Gray to sign prior to camp starting so that he doesn't miss any time or opportunity to earn minutes.

I had heard last week that Gray's signing should be made official this week, but perhaps this news overrides that.


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  • I don't get why he is pushing so hard for a two year deal, he seems like he will be a last big off the bench for a long time in this league. He has the size to be around a while.

  • I guess you could be right, I just see him sticking around a bit in this league as a last big. He has great size and that should buy him about 7-8 years in the league. He will never be a starter or even first big off the bench but his size and ability to finish decently should by him some time.

  • I know what you mean, he won't get many minutes. I just meant that he will be around because of his size as a last big. There is a drought of legit big man that are 7ft 260lbs, I see him having a Jerome James type career minus the big deal.

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