Would the Chicago Bulls trade for Carlos Boozer?

While this piece bleeds blind speculation, the concept of the Jazz dumping Boozer if they can agree to terms with Paul Millsap is straight forward enough.   The Bulls were named as a trade partner out of random guess more so than anything else.   However, here are a few trade ideas that could land Boozer in Chicago.  I'm not necessarily advocating all of these trades as ones the Bulls should do, but different possibilites to at least consider.

Trades for Boozer will fit two basic categories.   The first type is the talent swap where we attempt to give Utah something they can use on the court for Boozer.   Then, of course, the money saver, where we attempt to save Utah money to get under the luxury tax this season, lower their tax payment, or save them future salary.  Of course, there are combination trades as well

Talent Swaps:
Boozer for Deng

Utah could use a talented SF, and Deng, if healthy, would fit in really well with the Jazz.   It's a rather large risk for the Jazz due to the long term nature of his contract, however, it also saves them some cash this year.    If it saves them enough to get them under the luxury tax then that would really help mitigate some of the long term expense.

Boozer for Hinrich + Roberson

The Bulls would be perilously thin at guard after this trade, but Hinrich isn't viewed as a long term fit, and they could attempt to address the guard situation by moving Tyrus Thomas in a second trade.  Hinrich isn't a perfect fit for the Jazz, but he's a fairly good one as he could back up Williams or start next to him.  His contract isn't that painful going forward either.  If completed prior to July 10th, the Jazz could waive Roberson and the trade might get them below the tax depending where it falls.

With either of the above deals, the Bulls would also significantly increase their 2010 cap space by removing a long term contract and replacing it with Boozer whom they don't necessarily need to extend.

Money savers:
Boozer + Kirlenko for Miller + Timmy + James

The Jazz only bring in expiring contracts, however, they get rid of Kirlenko's albatross and dump Boozer while bringing in Brad Miller who'd be a great third big man stop gap for them for a season.   If Tim Thomas gives them anything as a fifth man all the better, and if James medically retires then better still.   On top of the savings next year of 17 million, the Jazz would also save a nice chunk of money to get under the tax this year.

The Bulls would need to deal Tyrus elsewhere (or to Utah if they wanted him) in order to stay under the tax themselves in this scenario though.  They'd also blow up their 2010 plan by making this trade as Kirlenko's 17+ million dollar cap hit destroys our cap space even if we don't extend Boozer.

Combination trades:

Boozer + Kirlenko for Hinrich or Deng + expirings (Tyrus, Timmy, James, and Miller count here)

The teams could mix and match to find the right combination of talent with expirings going to take on Kirlenko to help sweeten the pot.  Especially if the talent is Luol Deng this option makes the most sense for the Jazz given that us taking Kirlenko mitigates their cost of taking Deng significantly and lowers their risk.

For the Bulls, taking on Kirlenko is a huge risk not so much because of Kirlenko, but rather because it ends 2010 dreams.   It forces the Bulls to have a primary objective of extending Boozer rather than playing for a FA next season, something which the Bulls should be wary of given Boozer's history of injury and poor character.

Boozer for Tyrus + James

This trade saves Utah a considerable sum of money this year if James medically retires, and saves them a bit even if he doesn't.  It also gives them no long term commitment, but it gives them the potential of Tyrus Thomas as well as his own court productivity for the year.   Tyrus would fit in well with an outside shooting big man like Okur, so he may provide more value for Utah than he has for the Bulls.

My personal view on any of these ideas is that I would probably only attempt to do the talent swaps for Boozer.  2010 FA may end up being a pipe dream, but I wouldn't give up on the opportunity to get Carlos Boozer and take on Kirlenko for a season.  Boozer won't give the team a championship window without the Bulls landing some other major star player, so the reward is simply too small.  

A trade of Tyrus + James which saves them money also seems to fit both teams needs depending on whether Utah can find a better deal.


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  • I really like the idea a lot but with the loss of BG, I really think this team moved a step in the wrong direction. Even if we obtained Boozer for peanuts, we still don't have a viable permiter scoring threat. I really hope that the brain trust of mediocrity and profits have decided to rebuild, if that the case, I hope they would dump deng and kirk. If we can do that in facilitating a boozer trade with either Deng or Kirk going to a third team like the blazers, then it is a worthwhile move. Otherwise I can't see Utah doing a deal where they don't save enough to resign Milsap. I don't see why they would possibly trade boozer, while still being over or near the lt without resigning milsap. This deal needs a third team interested in Deng or kirk or both.

  • With the loss of Gordon's scoring I'd really love to grab Boozer.

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