Sam Smith's masteful piece on FA

Sam Smith's blog for the Bulls has a huge piece on the lack of roster spots and money out there for free agents to take.   It appears there will be a plethora of cheap options for the Bulls to pursue that may sign for the minimum or less than the MLE.

The article is definitely worth the read.  It reminds me of Mark Cuban's quote that 2009 would be nuclear winter for free agents.    Shawn Marion's an unrestricted free agent out there that will be lucky to even get the MLE.

David Lee and Paul Millsap can't get offers.   There's a whole ton of quality NBA guys who will likely sign for the minimum.   It definitely makes me think twice about offering Pargo a job, there seem to be better options for our final guard spot at the minimum.

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  • It may just be me but it seems that we are always sitting on the sidelines when free agents are being signed by other teams. Am I crazy?

  • I really think it's in Lee and Milsap's best interest to play on the qualifying offer this year. Enter next year unrestricted when a ton of teams will have cap room. It's not hard to imagine someone missing out on a big name guy and then dumping $8-$10 million / year on these guys. Of course, it's easy to say that when I'm not the one taking the risk.

  • It seems to me that this offseason is simply confirming the trend that has been developing for the past several years.

    Restricted free agents find it nearly immpossible to get an offer. As Gordon and Deng found out last year, they can accept the home offer(if they have one) but others teams will not pursue them because they know that the home team will match unless they massively overpay.

    Players either have to accept the home team deal, or as Gordon did take the qualifying offer and become unrestricted next year. This is a bigger problem for lower paid guys like Lee and Milsap than it was for Gordon, whos was a #3 pick and made $6.75 million on his QO.

    Personally, I am all for any mechanism that appears to contribute to some semblance of fiscal sanity.

  • I agree with Bigway, this is just a continuation of a trend we've seen for so long in the recent NBA. That's why it was comical last summer when people were talking about how Ben Gordon should go out and get an offer, and then the Bulls would match. Ben Gordon was never going to find an offer, because they knew the Bulls would probably match.

    The only restricted free agents that come to mind leaving their team is Lamar Odom to the Heat a few years ago, when they offered the offersheet to Brand first, then Odom second.

    If you look at guys like Lamar Odom, and Shawn Marion, their stats don't really warrant much more than the MLE. Of course when a guy like Trevor Ariza gets the MLE, comparatively, they're probably thinking they deserve more than him.

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