Sam Smith: Bulls not interested in David Lee

On his twitter, Sam Smith debunks Lee rumrors:

Got a few emails about david lee sign and trade rumor to bulls. nothing to it

Well that's shocking.   I would have never predicted that, not that I think I'm unique in doubting a throw away comment in a Mark Stein article.


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  • All I have to say is duh. I don't know what Marc Stein was thinking.

  • I agree, the bulls and JR are a very shifty group in that respect. Trade talk usaully leaks out form the other side that has much more well connected sources. Local reporters just have a better feel for out players for their standing.

  • Remember this, we're missing a element at PF. Rebounding is that element because Tyrus Thomas doesn't like to bang with guys down low and adding some active body like David Lee whom is really consistent is great. Tyrus Thomas didn't even get more rebounds than Mike Miller last year so David Lee is definitely someone that gives Tyrus Thomas some incentives. I think Lee addition only makes Tyrus Thomas better because the guy has pride, it's obvious. A rotation of Lee and Thomas would be great. You see Tyrus Thomas quit Twittering because of the competition he just got from Gibson and Johnson - which is morsel compared to the challenge of a prototypical PF in Lee. I looked at some of Lee's Youtube mixes. The guy has a unique way of tipping the ball back in and finishing. He plays active just like Joakim Noah and he's familiar with our system of play. Bad lost for Bulls not attempting to get him.

  • You have to take into account that Tyrus Thomas will see that David Lee can be in the picture going forward with Derrick Rose. After all, he's not 30 years old, he's 26. The threatens Tyrus Thomas from all angles. He's a great marketing tool, doesn't have bad baggage, and he's a capable double-double guy. I'm just saying, if you want to up the ammo, this is what you have to do.

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