Sam Smith: Boozer deal is false, rookies look good

Sam Smith's latest blog backs up the yahoo twitter saying there is nothing to the Boozer to the Bulls rumor. 

But before I get to that, I guess I have to deal with this trade story that was making the rounds in Chicago and the NBA Thursday of a three-way deal involving the Bulls, Trailblazers and Jazz with Carlos Boozer going to the Bulls, Kirk Hinrich to the Trailblazers and Tyrus Thomas to the Jazz.

Not true.

Made up.



Am I being too subtle here?

His view wouldn't surprise me.   However, there's definitely been a lot of smoke surrounding the Boozer to the Bulls issue.   It's hard for me to imagine that the talks haven't been raised somewhere.  Though, it only takes Utah calling the Bulls and saying "Will you give us Tyrus for Boozer" and Chicago saying "No." for their to be talks.

He also discusses our rookies at great length praising them both.  Gibson and Johnson are working out against summer league guys, so I'm glad they look good because if they looked bad that'd be awfully troubling.   Johnson's conditioning was raised as an issue which is one of the key fears with him as he supposedly gained 12lbs of fat after his college season ended prior to the measurement process when he should be preparing as hard as he can for the most important interviews of his life.

We'll see how the rest of the summer goes, I'm not worried about Johnson's conditioning/weight yet, but it's clearly something to watch going forward.


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  • Well we had the same conditioning issue with Noah his rookie year, but finally came into his own this last year down the strech. It isnt a concern for me becuase he wont be logging heavy minutes but he needs to work on it.

  • The Bulls seem to be a team that "paralysis by analysis" (if I may quote the famous Lester Gurtler) when it comes to pulling the trigger on moves. Is there internal disagreements on deals? Are they getting rejected by other teams or is someone inside the Bulls org. or another team trying to sabotage them with all these rules?

  • My point is thought it isnt as huge a blow to the team since he wasnt expected to start off the back or anything. If he was coming in with Derrick Rose type pressure then I would be more concered for the immediate future. I think this does though go into the fact that people say he isnt motivated to play as hard. I think Taj should help in that regard as well as Derrick. But If he was starting, it would be a bigger deal to me. Worse comes to worse, Taj will come in and play spot minutes and maybe find something he is good at. And if JJ gets outdone by Taj,. then that has to be a wakeup call.

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