Pargo talking to the Bulls

Adrian Wojnarowski's twitter:

Jannero Pargo met
with Bulls today about filling in for some of Ben Gordon's lost
scoring, his rep confirmed. "Great meeting," agent said.

This makes sense for the Bulls.   Pargo will be a reasonably priced back up guard who can provide some shooting and big scoring bursts.    He's performed well in a role off the bench without needing steady minutes.

The Bulls would benefit from getting a guard of his quality on a reasonable deal.  He's been a positive locker room guy in the past which is always a bonus, and at least some die hard fans will cheer for him. The Bulls will be hard pressed to find a better fourth guard for the LLE or less.

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  • I like the Jannero but his brother is intriguing. I think Jeremy is better.

  • Jeremy Pargo put up 25 points, 7 assists, and only 2 turnovers. His athleticism is underrated too. He went to highschool over in the Englewood area, too.

  • He did that against Derrick Rose!

  • He's proven in his college career and he did that against Rose at Gonzaga. The dude can get to the basket at will. His only flaw is his jumper. He plays just like any other prototypical Chicago Point Guard. He feeds off emotion and plays with power. You see it with Derrick Rose, Sherron Collins, Demetri Mccamey and etc.

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