No offers for Gordon yet; Boozer opts to stay with Jazz

Ben Gordon didn't get the midnight treatment from an NBA team flying out to see him with a contract offer on the table, however he did get some good news. Carlos Boozer exercised his player option to stay with the Jazz eliminating one of the major players in free agency who would have taken up a huge amount of cap room from one team.

According to John Jackson, the Pistons will chase Gordon if they aren't able to come to terms with Turkoglu whose stay in Orlando is now questionable after the Magic pulled off a big trade to bring in Vince Carter.

With Boozer out of the picture, the NBA source said small forward Hedo
Turkoglu of the Orlando Magic is now the Pistons' first choice. Detroit
can free up about $18 million in salary-cap room, and probably would
have to overpay Turkoglu to get him to leave a contending team for a
rebuilding team.

The Boozer news is quite bad for those hoping to keep Ben Gordon as Gordon is now likely considered the #2 free agent on the market.   The only way this helps Gordon is if they Jazz are willing to let Paul Millsap go because of Boozer's one year deal, but that seems unlikely.

Personally, I can't see why a team would chase Turkoglu before Ben Gordon, but here's to hoping the Pistons are successful in their quest to land him.



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  • Doug,
    Left little time for a story on Yahoo that Ben Gordon is going to Michigan for a meeting with the board of Pistons. The site indicates that it will close business. Carry this information?


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