Luol Deng medically cleared

According to the latest Sam Smith:

Luol Deng has been cleared for basketball workouts and to begin playing
in the next week or two. Reports are his stress fracture is healed, and
everyone is holding their breath that it doesn't develop again. No one
can be truly sure until Deng begins to play. Chicago attorney Herb
Rudoy of Interperformances with associate Ronald Shade are now
representing Deng after his former agent who negotiated his big deal
with the Bulls, Jason Levien, joined the Kings front office. Deng
likely would require surgery if the fracture reappears.

Well it's certainly great news if Deng's stress fracture is finally healed.  Hopefully, he can now workout without limitations, and we'll get to see how good Luol really looks this summer.   The fear, of course, is the return of the injury once he pushes himself, but if it's fully healed then it shouldn't be a big issue.

However, I've noted in the past that I've heard Deng isn't 100% healthy though that was based on older updates that this could easily supercede. What concerns me is this article seems to hedge as well.   He's been cleared for full basketball activity, but he can begin playing in the next week or two?  If he's cleared why can't he begin playing today or at the time of his clearing?    Maybe I'm over analyzing the semantics of the article, but it almost sounds like he's cleared, but they're still waiting.

Plenty of other speculation about Boozer (my take is very similar to Sam's, get the guy for a year, not long term), and some other review information on Summer League etc..


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  • Deng should just work on his upper body and don't put pressure on his lower body. He needs to take another month off.

  • I don't think you can take away the automatic jumper, cutting and crashing the boards. I think it was all the injury, all of those components require the legs. Deng just needs someone else to be the focus of the offense to be successful.

  • Couldn't find the jump shooting % but the overall fg% was higher than I remember.

    06-07 .517
    07-08 .479
    08-09 .448

    effective fg% was good as well

    06-07 .518
    07-08 .483
    08-09 .455

  • Kind of an OT comment, I guess, but doesn't that sentence about changing agents seem out of place? I kept trying to figure out what the agent had to do with the injury...

  • I don't think he will ever be a #2. A #3, not offensively but overall. I think boozer is necessary to make this team very good offensively. I would go as far as to say he can make up for the loss of BG offensively. I think Salmons is the superior offensive player.

  • Doug you have nailed our problem head on. Niether Deng, Hinrich, or Gordon were ever #2 caliber players ala Scottie Pippen. Being the #1 or #2 option on your team does not equate to being a #1 or #2 option in the grand scheme of things.

    They are all #3 at best, and compared to the #3 players on either of the Bulls 3 peat teams(Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman) they don't match up and would actually be #4 players in the mold of Toni Kukoc.

    We have or would have overpaid them all, and if/when we return to the Eastern Conference Finals, never mind the NBA finals I don't expect any of them to be around. 1 down, 2 to go.

    So we have been trying to build around a "core" of #3 or #4 players with not a single #1, or #2 until the arrival of Rose.
    I'm not certain that Rose will be the Jordan of this team, he probably needs to be the Pippen. So we need to get the Jordan next summer, which to me means Lebron and no one else should be our #1 priority, with Wade a distant second.

    Which is why I want Deng to rebound, so that he at least becomes attractive as an option in a S&T for Lebron.

  • deng needs to find some heart (doubtful). he also needs to develop a game similar to james worthy- they're both similar size, quick and long. if deng can get a little back to the basket game and take guys off the dribble, like worthy, we'll be in business. otherwise, we have a slightly less sucky brad sellers on our hands...on the books for $70+ mil! least we didn't make the same mistake with gordon. close but we dodged a bullet. now he's detroit's problem.

  • If I were the Bulls, I would be on both guys doorstep at 12:01, and I would tell both guys that we want them both and will do whatever it takes to get them both.

    If you get them both on board, then they can make sign and trades happen.

    Guys like Lebron don't come around that often, and when they do, you owe it to your team and your fans to kill yourself trying to make it happen. There are only so many(few) Jordans, Lebron is one of them, Wade is probably more of a tweener(Not Jordan, Not Pippen).

    These guys and thier agents are savy enough to know that no one will be able to max sign them both without S&T, so they are bound to talk to each other, and maybe agree to go to one team together. The only other option is for Cleveland to sign Wade, or Miami to sign Lebron.

    Other than Cleveland and Miami because they already have one of the 2 best superstars, the Bulls with Rose should be one of the strongest contenders(with salary cap space) in the market.

    Frankly Miami scares me the most, because players want to live there. New York and New Jersey don't. To me Cleveland, Miami and Chicago are the top 3 free agent destinations in 2010.

    Betweem Deng, Hinrich and Thomas, and our salary cap space we would be able to Sign and Trade for both, or S&T one and outright sign the other.

    As much as people bag on Reinsdorf, I believe that having lived the Jordan experience, and following that up with the disaster post Jordan, Reinsdorf more than anyone else understands the value of a Jordan like player(Lebron). I truly believe that this is the Bulls plan.

    In 2000 we were not positioned to be the bigtime player in free agency, in 2010 we are.

    I continue to predict that #23 Cleveland, will become #24 Chicago to supplant Kobe as the heir to the Jordan throne.

  • If Lebron, Wade and the Bulls all came to an agreement to come together, and both threatened thier respective teams with leaving for nothing or accepting a sign and trade, then my numbers would work with some minor tweaking just for cap purposes.

    Cleveland would be "forced" to lose Lebron for nothing or accept Deng in an S&T. If Deng returns to form this season, he has to be better than nothing, even with his contract, Cleveland has to save some face.

    Perhaps you do both Deng and Tyrus, and resign Salmons or Johnson proves to be a starter. Lebron had a PER(Hollinger) of 39 at power forward last season, significantly higher than his league leading overall PER 32.

    Tyrus and Deng would pretty much be a wash for Lebron contract wise, depending on what we do with Tyrus's contract between now and next summer when he is due a QO.

    So we have to convince them to convince themselves that the best place to spend the primes of thier careers is Chicago, and not Miami(Wade isn't going to Cleveland). Then we only have to 'force" one S&T to make landing them both doable, that is the whole point of retaining assets, not just dumping contracts.

    I am just not convinced that anyone other than Lebron makes you a championship contender, particularly Bosh or Amare. Lebron and anyone of the remaining free agents added to Rose and Noah puts you in the conversation with the Lakers, Spurs, Celtics and Magic.

    In the final analysis, this will be about more than just money, it will be a sales job on the part of the entire organization and city. Chicago is a truly world class city, we should be up to the task. I am not usually a Reinsdorf fan, but I have a gut feeling that this time he will take bold action.

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