Kirk Hinrich selling house?

This realgm thread has a lot of good info about the topic that didn't appear in the article.

Chicago Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich has listed for sale his four bedroom, 3.5-bath at 816 Castlewood Lane in Deerfield for the asking price of $829,000.

Hinrich paid $906,500 for the home in Aug. 2004. The 4,000-square-foot home was built in 2004 in the subdivision of Deerfield Park.

This obviously brings in the speculation about Kirk possibly knowing he's being traded, however, it was reported in the thread that the house may just be being relisted.

Anyone else think it is weird that it is already empty? Also, Zillow
says it has been on the market for 287 days. I am guessing he has just
re-listed it with another realtor who issued a press release to make it
sound like a new listing... ... 2054_zpid/

I wouldn't read too much into the story per se, but it's a really bad time to sell a house unless something is motivating the sale.   It could merely be that he wants to buy a bigger house in Illinois though.


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  • I believe he already has a new house, bought around the time of the new contract/wife/kid stuff. If this one's been on the market so long, sounds like he just hasn't been able to sell the rookie place yet?

  • Boozer, please please please!

  • But seriously, he built a mansion not too long ago. I wouldn't read to much into this.

  • kinda weird he is having such a hard time selling his old house. I know the RE market is bad but he isn't asking that much for that type of house.

    Listing with pics.

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