Gar working on three way trade?

According to Sports Unplugged's twitter, Bulls are working on a three way with Utah and Houston for Boozer.

Source: Gar is active n 3way trade wit Htown and Utah: TyThomas,
KFesenko to Htown. CBoozer to Chi. SBattier, JJames, and CLaundry to

I have a real hard time buying this one unless there are some significant other pieces involved.   Houston's trading Landry and Battier for Tyrus Thomas and Fesenko?   Please. 

Utah takes back over 15 million in salary while sending out 13 million.   They're in the luxury tax.   They're not taking on an extra 2 million in salary.

Maybe there's other "filler" involved, but given that scrubs like Fesenko and James are listed in this trade it seems awfully specific, so I'm going to be very surprised if it goes down in this configuration.

As for the overall idea that the Bulls are working on a trade for Boozer?   Sure, it's definitely possible, we've heard the rumors before.   However Utah gets screwed salarywise and Houston gets screwed talentwise.  

The trade simply makes a lot more sense if it's James + Tyrus for Boozer straight up except for that it may leave the Bulls in the tax, given that we don't know how much Timmy's buyout is.



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  • These guys aren't exactly the most credible source, and as you point out, there are some sizable holes in the logical underpinning of this particular deal. Yes, I am content to hear Bulls/Boozer rumors still out there, at least.

    In general, I can get behind a Boozer trade for Tyrus and James. Keeping Kirk while adding Boozer is probably the best feasible roster permutation for Bulls success this upcoming season.

  • I said it on Realgm but I think they got Jerome James wrong. I think it's James going to Houston which makes more sense.

    Houston gets Tyrus, James and Fesenko
    Utah gets Battier and Landry
    Bulls get Boozer

    They lose Battier two year contract for a expiring and get Thomas for Landry which Tyrus is better. They signed Ariza so don't really need Battier

    Utah saves 4 mil in that trade which is a nice amount while still having Miles and Harpring to trade for more savings

    If they just messed up on where Jerome was going then the trade actually makes perfect sense for all teams

    Also keep in mind the Bulls from T9 offered James and Tyrus for Boozer so this means they found a 3rd team that wanted those two giving Utah the better deal

  • Doug- Tyrus is better then Landry. James expires this year while Battier makes 7.3mil in 2010-2011 season. That's not getting killed at all

  • Got to agree with Doug on this one.

    Houston loves Battier and likes Landry alot. Tyrus is the polar opposite of Battier, so I can't see him being a Morley kind of guy.

    If this deal was actually on the board, I'd almost rather the Bulls were getting Battier and Landry, although I'd probably rather move Deng for those 2 than Tyrus at this point.

    I am not that crazy about renting Boozer for a year if it costs us any talent. I know in my heart of hearts that Thomas is a knucklehead and will never get "it". But I guess that I want to give him one more year in a Bulls uniform.

    Lets just go with what we have.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    If this deal was actually on the board, I'd almost rather the Bulls were getting Battier and Landry, although I'd probably rather move Deng for those 2 than Tyrus at this point.

    As much as I love Deng and have faith in him, if Johnson is our SF of the future, I really like Deng for Battier and Landry (I think you maybe meant Battier and Boozer?). Give TT one more year, and have a stronger post guy in Landry backing him up. Go into the season with Battier starting at SF, with the intent for Johnson to win the job anywhere from the first game to 2 years from now.

    Johnson is pretty clearly more talented than Battier, but I can't think of a better model for JJ considering Battier's fundamentals. Not to mention we get one of the best defenders in the league. That should have benefits for all our young guys' development (and of course our points against), especially Noah.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    I prefer dumping kirk or deng in a Boozer deal to gain more cap space for next year.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Doug- Battier is a good player but he doesn't help much the way this team looks now. He's a nice piece on a winning team but won't help this team much now. Artest is gone, Yao is out and may be career ending and where's T-mac?

    They might want to be players in 2010 and trading Battier helps that.

    The way this team is built without those 3 this is a 30 win team and they should re tool

  • This rumor does seem to add more fuel to the fire to the arguement that the Bulls have been actively shopping Thomas all summer.

    So maybe they really are. With Gordon gone, Thomas is the lone remaining player who doesn't fit the "type" of player that the Bulls are trying to build a team with.

  • Tyrus is a upgrade over Landry. he is 3 years younger also. They would save money on Battier contract and with Yao out Battier doesn't help them much. They have no Yao or Artest and Tmac will miss the start of the season per reports

    It's time for Houston to re tool

  • Your right but I don't see why we couldn't have expanded that original Portland deal to include blake for jerome james. Both are expiring, blake is cheaper and portland would have no use for him after they got kirk.

  • I can't believe Doug actually think Laundry is better than Tyrus Thomas. This exchange is like Cubic for 14K. Remember, Tyrus is a better defender, shooter, and passer. Laundry is a specialist, his upside isn't apparent. I think he will make off being a tough guy that rebounds and get easy buckets. In other words, think of him as a Sloan guy.


  • Landry would play a role we need off the bench, though, as a defensive post presence who can draw out a big on the other end with his jumper. He'd be nice coming off the bench behind TT, but I wouldn't want to replace TT with him.

  • Doug, with all due respect, I do think Tyrus is going to get it. It will just take a couple more years but he will improve each year. Remember Jerry Krause said it takes about 6 years to develop a big man. Beside that, Tyrus did not learn to be a big until he got to college. I understand he grew late in life, while in high school. But, he is a very good defender especially of small forwards and he is one of the best help defenders on the team, even though he does not get it yet. That speaks more to the Bulls weak defense, then to Tyrus.

  • Doug, I agree that I don't see Thomas with the Bulls in 2010, they have to make a QO of nearly $7 million just to retain his rights for that season.

    I also don't believe that he will make the leap to quality player, however, if it comes down to one season of Boozer, (who appears to be a Gordon like player when it comes to team chemistry) or giving Thomas one more year,(at least until the trade deadline) to show us something, I prefer to give Tyrus the shot.

    If we believed that Boozer was a long term fit, then I would be willing to give up Tyrus. Boozer seems to me to be a better Drew Gooden, is that good enough to be part of the Rose(y) future.

  • I still think that a Hinrich for Boozer trade makes more sense for the Bulls, if and only if the Bulls are going to move Hinrichs contract for 2010 no matter what.

    However, you are right if the Bulls move Hinrich they need to add another veteran guard.

    I am wondering if Phoenix would trade Barbosa for Tyrus. Barbosa would give us a true replacement for Hinrich and Gordon, and be a perfect 3rd guard capable of starting next to Rose in an emergency(injury situation).

    Barbosa has $7 million due to him in 2010, but we eliminate Hinrichs $9.25 and Tyrus's QA $7 million so maybe it works and keeps us in the 2010 free agent game.

    This 4 way seems to make it all work

    For the upcoming season we replace Gordon, Hinrich and Thomas with Salmons, Barbosa and Boozer, That seems like an upgrade to me

  • Trading Tyrus is giving up too much to rent Boozer for 1 year. If the Bulls aren't committed to keeping Boozer then don't trade Tyrus to get him. Hinrich or Deng is alright but not Tyrus.

    Please note that with Brad Miller and Carlos Boozer on the floor, both of whom can hit the outside shot, it will greatly open up the basket area for drivers like D-Rose and for lobs to Tyrus. Miller, Boozer, and Tyrus would make a very good front line.

  • The Bulls should trade Hinrich and James along with a 2011 1st round pick and some 2nd round draft picks to Utah for Boozer, Harpring, and Fesenko. Utah could start Hinrich, D-Will, Brewer, Millsap, and Okur, with Miles and AK47 off the bench. Saves Utah about 4 million, 8 mill with the LT hit, then the Bulls would have to figure out how to get about 3 million off their books by the trade deadline. Cut Linton Johnson and Gray, and if Deng is playing trade him before the deadline. (easier said than done)

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