Derrick Rose in Vegas for USA Basketball

Up in a blog on is a story on Rose and his participation with team USA.

"I wanted to be there (last year when the U.S. team won the
2008 gold medal), on that podium," said Rose, who said he stayed with his mom
into the early morning hours watching the Olympics. "It makes you want to come
out here and be a part of this. You are competing against the world. I wouldn't
care if I started or not. Just to be out here competing with these guys,
hopefully I'll do good and be selected. I'll do anything they want me to do,
sacrifice scoring whatever. I just want to be on the team."

On Ben Gordon: "I haven't had a chance to talk to Ben. It hurt a little bit. In
high school and college you were used to playing with someone for a couple of
years. In the NBA, things change. You're not going to play with the same people
every year. I guess it's just something I'm going to have to get used to.

"We'll miss a player like Ben," said Rose. "He's a great player who likes
to win. But we've just got to keep it moving. We've still got Kirk Hinrich,
John Salmons, Lu (Deng). We just have to play harder next year. I was kind of
surprised (when Ben signed with Detroit). It's going to be kind of hard not
having him there. But I just have to fight through it and try to get focused for
the season.

Well that about sums up what you'd expect him to say about Gordon. Nothing controversial there.

"It's been (a tough summer). It hurt a little. It was the past. I didn't do anything wrong in Memphis. With the gang sign, I was just joking around with my friends. Of course, you will be mad (the way the innocent gang sign thing was presented). But it's the media. You've just got to learn from it and go forward. I'm just going to focus on next year and my workouts in L.A. I took the (SAT) test. That's something you'll have to ask Memphis (the university said it found no wrongdoing in its investigation). They're going through it. It's been hurtful. (I learned) the media is going to do whatever. This whole off season I really was most worried about getting my jump shot better. I can't (worry about) what they are saying. I've been shooting every day. Just trying to get better so I can have a consistent jump shot. I'm staying in the gym for like 700, 800 shots. In Chicago and L.A. Just (working on) coming down shooting like Chauncey Billups to put pressure on the defense so hopefully I'll be in his shoes some day shooting the shot."

What the media chasing stories? No way. The gang sign thing is interesting simply because it seems like people who didn't grow up in a gang environment seemed to find the "it was messing around" rationale pretty believable People who grew up in areas dominated by gangs seemed far more concerned about it.

To be honest, neither issue bothers me at all.

: "It
would be great (to have Dwyane Wade). He's a great player, a great leader for
his team. I know if he comes to the Bulls we'll be even better. I'd love to
play with him....(Carlos) Boozer is a great guy. Great post player, pick and roll
player, pick and pop. For him to come I'd love it. I haven't talked (to Boozer)
or anyone about it."

Not really going out on a ledge there. 

"I saw (the rookies at
Summer League on NBA-TV). I was working out with James (Johnson) a little bit
in Chicago. My best friend and him were at Wyoming together, so I think I'll be
hanging with him a lot. He likes to dribble. That's something we need on the
team, someone else to drive the ball. He definitely can do that. He's a threat
when he's on the court and I think he'll be good for the team."

It's funny how when asked about the rookies everyone only talks about James Johnson.  I feel a bit bad for Taj "not Blair" Gibson.

Rose said in addition to the jump shots, he's been working hard this summer on how to get those foul calls. "I'm working on going to the hole, trying to get fouled
more, going into people's bodies, working on that type stuff," he said.

Finally the good stuff.   More so than his jumper, this is what will turn Rose into a superstar. 


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