Carlos Boozer deal dead?

According to Chris Brousard on a sportscenter update, Kevin Pritchard has quashed the deal.

ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard shot down the story during a SportsCenter broadcast.

Broussard quoted Pritchard as saying the deal is "not going to
happen," despite his team's strong desire to bring to trade for Bulls
guard Kirk Hinrich.

Well the Blazers clearly want Hinrich badly.   That's why they were unwilling to move Jerryd Bayless, who would become their fourth or fifth guard, in order to get him.   If the Blazers actually have any interest in Hinrich, then it's fairly luke warm in my opinion.

Anyway, the deal appears to be off for now, though I'm not sure why that needs to be the case as if the Bulls and Blazers were in agreement it seems as though it'd be easier to find another team to take on the rule as facilitator than for the Jazz to strike up a deal with an entirely new team.

Of course, it's interesting that all the local sources have said this deal is complete BS and was never on the table to begin with.   Yahoo sports, who's actually been very good about breaking NBA stories this summer, came to the same conclusion. 

It makes one wonder if the entire thing rumor was a fabrication based on what ESPN felt would make sense for all teams involved rather than what teams were actually interested in doing.


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  • We also have to remember Tech9 told us about how they were to acquire him and that also during the day his friend pop on real gm and told us they were trying real hard to acquire Boozer. Here's the thing with KC and Sam that makes me not believe them is they think this will be there one 2010 free agent signing. Now it could, but I think its more of test run to see how things go. It was also revealed by Tech9 that Wade is their number one target so getting Boozer to attract Wade makes sense

  • It sounds like the Blazers haven't been able to get Kirk Hinrich from the Bulls, at least according to Wojnarowski.

    "After the first 10 days of free agency, so far Pritchard stands as the summer

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