Bulls want more than Boozer if they include Tyrus?

According to a John Hollinger chat

Jim (Cambridge)
What's holding up Hinrich-Thomas-Boozer-Blazers? Seems like a win-win-win, and gives the Bulls even more cap space in 2010...

John Hollinger (3:57 PM)
want something extra from Portland if they're going to include Tyrus
Thomas, but Blazers don't want to part with their prospects

This is the trade that never ends, and with the Jazz reportedly matching on Millsap, the rumor mill should kick up into high gear again as Portland will look to use their cap space in a new direction.

Rumors about who wants what and who is holding it up have gone in circles forever.   So this is the latest according to Hollinger.  Personally, if the Bulls are holding up the trade to get another guard it makes some sense.

Imagine a guard rotation of Derrick Rose, Jannero Pargo, and John Salmons.   With Luol Deng's health questions still looming and no other NBA caliber guard on the roster (all apologies to Lindsay, but we really don't want him playing any more than he has to), the Bulls would be taking a fairly substantial risk to not get another guard back somehow.

Without knowing Tim Thomas's exact buyout number, it's hard to guess where the luxury tax line is for the Bulls, but they can't add that big a salary after doing a Hinrich/Tyrus for Boozer deal which means the permutations are likely limited.

While I'm still not a large Boozer fan, I'm a fan of this trade which will help create even more cap space for next season while also improving the team for one season making it more likely a superstar will consider us.   Just remember, Boozer is the stop gap here, not the permanent solution.


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  • It would be nice to pry a prospect from Portland but Kirk and Tyrus for Boozer is a steal. We clear a ton of cap space and get a 20 and 10 big man for a backup combo guard and a guy who we are going to renounce next year anyway. We should expand the deal to Kirk, Deng TT for Boozer, Blake and Outlaw. We would lose our commitment to defense but we would go into 2010 with just Rose, Noah, Johnson, Gibson and maybe Salmons under contract. If Boozer can get us into the playoffs, which I think he will, we will be a prime spot to get to big fa's if they are available. If not I think we might be able to bully Boozer into a 5/50 deal.

  • I have an impression that there is a set of ideas on which people get fixed and completely lose sense of reality. They seem to rotate but basically it is the same set all over again. The idea du jour is now cap space for 2010, which is apparently an influence of the recent Doug

  • The risks of trading for Boozer and giving away a solid guard in Hinrich and a nice (nothing special) player in Tyrus to clear up cap room is too risky considering the tiny fractional chance at being rewarded in 2010 FA. In the short term Boozer is great if he can stay healthy, long term consists of too many uncerterties. Will Boozer stay after this season, will we be able to land a big time FA (Wade, Amare, Bosh) if they resign Boozer to a hefty and lengthy extension, will Reinsdorf dare too spend money if we do bring on a big time FA to join Boozer and Rose? I say pass on Boozer and build by develping what we have and hope to land a big time FA in 2010 without Boozer. Oh yeah, will the potential big time FA in 2010 want to play for the legendary Vinny DelNegro!? I think replacing Vinny by the all-star break or immediatley before 2010 FA starts is critical if your organization expects to compete for a big name FA!

  • Do you think we would decline TT's option and let him walk for free? I would think it would be automatic that we would keep him just because the cap number is low for a starter/contributor.

  • So, what you are essentially saying that the Bulls might be able to get get some players who are not really the max ones by overpaying them. With that I agree, although there will be a huge competition in that market as well and most of the teams will be set up for disappointments whether they lose or win in that derby. (Actually, Ben Wallace and Ben Goron are the two recent examples of that happenning and we all know how well it worked in the firs case.)

  • This an e-mail my friend sent to me. It made laugh so I thought I'd post it here.

    i was telling hoover that i decided everyone will be raw on the bulls and no changes are needed:

  • I get your point and appreciate you being so patient with me, but I still have a question: "And what are the Bulls going to do with all that cap space?" Cap space does not help you win or improve, how you use it might.
    It reminds of how my brother always point out to me that I should not mow my own grass for I could have earned so much money by spending that time doing what I am trained to professionally instead. To which I always reply:

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