Bulls vs Bucks Summer League game 2 analysis

James Johnson wasn't able to follow up his outstanding first summer league game with a similar caliber second game.   He struggled with his perimeter shot missing quite a few jumpers including all four of his three point attempts.    He did make up for his poor shooting night by getting to the foul line repeatedly, but often forced the issue when driving which left him turning the ball over six times as well.
Johnson again seemed to struggle off the ball, at one point, one of his
teammates kept screaming for him to cut as he tended to settle in on
the perimeter when he didn't have the ball in his hands.    He was
matched up on Luc Mbah A Moute most of the day whom he contained fairly
well for what that's worth.

Taj Gibson struggled mightily again allowing Joe Alexander to have an
excellent scoring outing.   Gibson was brought in for defense, and he
hasn't been able to excel in that role so far getting dominated in both
his matchups.   On the other hand, it was an odd matchup to have him
defending Alexander in the first place given that Alexander is more of
an athletic three than a four.

Gibson had another nice day from the field finishing around the basket,
but he wasn't generating his own looks and largely was finishing off
opportunity baskets.   His rebounding was okay with eight boards, but
he fouled out of the game which is impressive given that you get ten
fouls in summer league.   That's 19 fouls over his first two games.

Augustine had another solid game which should help him catch on
somewhere for good money in Europe if not in the NBA, and Demarcus
Nelson rebounded to have a fair effort today.   Anthony Roberson ruined
any chance he had of making the team with another abysmal game.

The game wasn't fun or pretty and ended with a Bulls loss.


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  • Jay Billas said he see's James J. as more of a 4 in the NBA than a 3 because of his size and handles. He really stuggled shooting and creating on his own today. He has a nice mid range game but he was committed to throwing up bricks from long range and driving reckless to the hoop. Stay away from the three point arc James! I'd like to see him post up more which he really hasn't done yet in two games. The summer league coaches need to experiment with him at the 4 during the next few games. Have they played him at the 4 at all?

  • Yeah, today was really disappointing, but we'll get to see how JJ reacts to it.

    It was really disheartening to see him just sitting out at the arc all game. On the other hand, I don't want to see him become afraid to shoot like Boris Diaw. He has so many tools, I just hope he doesn't fall back on one or two of them the majority of the time. His strength is being able to keep changing things up.

  • Doug, Are Johnson and Gibson playing less effectively than they might due to the Bulls attrocious guard play, or lack there of.

    Secondly, what are the odds that James Johnson has Tyrus Thomas disease, a distinct lack of heart and a brain as well. Seems like that is the reason that he fell to 16, and the issue likely to keep him from being a player.

    Personally, almost from the start I could tell that Tyrus didn't get "it" and that he never will. I hope that Johnson will be different, but there is a school of thought that people don't change what they are essentially about after they turn 20 unless they have a serious life altering event.

    From what I have heard so far, both Johnson and Gibson seem to have nice personalities, and don't appear to have "jerk" potential. So there is some hope.

  • Well, I'm not worried about his shot. That's silky smooth, and I really see him becoming a very good jump shooter. It's his shot selection, he was just sitting out at the arc instead of playing to his strengths. I'm certainly not panicking, but I hope it's not a trend. Everything was so sloppy around him, I would have liked to see him take things into his own hands and power his way to the rim.

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