Bulls holding out for Jerryd Bayless in Boozer trade?

From Marc Stein's twitter.

CHI would insist on Bayless to replace Hinrich (and Gordon). POR not prepared to include Bayless. And ...

CHI would want to substitute TIM Thomas (who was pulled out of the Marion deal) for Tyrus Thomas. UTA not interested in Tim Thomas.

Important clarification: CHI's preference to switch TIM Thomas for TY Thomas is believed to be a condition if they COULDN'T get Bayless


Can't blame the Bulls for wanting to get a guard back in the trade.  I'd be game to do the trade without Bayless though.  It saves the team money this year and allows them to bring spend a little bit more on a backup guard.

It would make our guard rotation thin, but it would help our front court rotation a ton.  If the Bulls could get Bayless out of the deal they'd get an extra gold star.  I'm somewhat surprised Portland is holding out for him given that they are stacked at guard and Bayless didn't play much last season.

They must be fairly high on his long term future given that his short term future doesn't figure to include much playing time after a Hinrich trade.


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  • Seems like the Bulls are being a bit picky here. I can't believe Tim Thomas or Jerryd Bayless is going to stand in the way of finally getting a PF.

  • I think Bayless is a beats and would dominate of he played off the bench for us. Though I think Portland has a plan for him. My only wonder is if we do make the trade and dont get a guard in return, that we should move fast and try to get someone soon. Daniels and Wafer are still on the market but I doubt for long.

  • Portland really needs to give up Bayless or Rudy. We can't start the season with Pargo being our starting SG and no back up guards. I don't think we have any money after the move to sign another guard. At the very least the deal should be expanded to include Blake for Tim Thomas so we have some sort of back court.

  • I'm in agreement if Bayless and Tim are the things holding back this deal the Bulls are ridiculous.

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