Bulls forced Noah to leave national team?

According to Eurobasket the Bulls have forced Noah to withdraw from the French National Team. 

though he started preparations and played at the Tournament in
Strasbourg, Noah was forced to withdraw form the team even though he is
not injured. It is expected that French Basketball will file an appeal
with FIBA because of the treatment by the Chicago Bulls regarding Noah.
It remains to bee seen how the situation will develop further, but
everyone at French National Team are hoping Noah will get the clearance
and will be able to help his team qualify for EuroBasket.

I'm awfully skeptical of this news on the surface.    The Bulls acknowledged they have no power to stop him from competing just a few days ago, and said they support his decision to play for the French team.

Okay, we all know the second half of that is a load of crap.   The Bulls want Noah working out in Chicago.  Bulls fans want Noah working out in Chicago.   No one related to the Bulls wants Noah playing international games against really sub par competition rather than lfiting weights and working on post moves.

However, the first part is not crap.   The Bulls can't do anything to stop Noah from playing internationally, and he was already over there in France.   I don't think they could force him to do anything.   What is interesting is that the US teams aren't even permitted to discourage international play which is where the problem may lie.

It's not hard to imagine the Bulls telling Joakim, "Well, we'd really prefer you working out in Chicago" and Joakim agreeing followed by the French team getting pissed.

Personally, I'll be happy to have him back working out here.


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  • Something that looks more like the real story is that Noah already promise that he would spend some times in Chicago this summer lifting weights (he said that to French interview some weeks ago after he was not happy with the way he was pushed by Boston big guys), and as he promised that, Bulls allowed him to play until end of July.

    Certainly Noah has had a great feeling playing International games, with harder coming for the french team, and ask to the Bulls if it was possible to stay there.
    Then Bulls said: "Hey, you promised..."

    Nothing about being forced IMO.

  • It is a little hard to believe much of what Bulls management says in public.

    However, given Noah's apparent love for swilling Cognac out of the bottle while walking down the street, I not sure that I want him spending the summer in France. And, I am a big Noah fan from day 1, not just since the playoffs.

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