Bulls buy out Tim Thomas

Per K.C. Johnson, per Sam Smith, the Bulls bought out Tim Thomas today.   There's also a less interesting press release up on Bulls.com

The buyout means the Bulls likely have enough room
under the league's $69.92 million luxury tax threshhold to sign a
veteran big man to a minimum contract this summer. Pargo signed a
one-year, $2 million deal while Hunter's contract calls for one year
and $1.3 million.

While the buyout price isn't known, K.C. seems to be speculating that the Bulls will have enough to keep another player, possibly Aaron Gray on his qualifying offer.

K.C. notes Hunter's salary, however, his salary will only count 825k against the cap which is the price of a third year minimum veteran player.   Any veteran player who makes more than that of a 3rd year minimum contract has the salary over that portion picked up by the league and not going on the team's cap or luxury tax total.   That's to prevent teams from discriminating against veteran's with higher minimum contracts.

The Bulls do need to keep Hunter the full season to get that benefit though.   Hopefully, later today, I will find the exact amount of the buyout.

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  • This must be the first time the same player has been bought out twice by the same team. Must be.

  • That means Tim's contract cant be traded anymore correct? Doesnt this hamper future trade possibilites?

  • It does indeed mean that he can't be traded, but the Bulls will still have nearly $25 million in expirings.

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