Bulls Beat Podcast

After getting around 100 different people responding to me about how much they want me to keep the podcast going even though a lot of the information is available on my blog, I've decided to give it a shot.  

I'll probably only be able to do a twice a month podcast, but it was more important to people than I figured it would be, so I will try to keep it up and make some time.


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  • Thanks Doug. I'm a huge fan! Try to get a few in during these dog days for us starving fans!

  • thanks alot for keeping up the podcast, im still definatly staying subscribed... On another topic, I heard that Loul Deng is beefing up and that they might play him at the four this season. Does that mean that Tyrus would be backup for the three and compete with Taj and Johnson would back up Deng at the Four? I think that would be a preety good set up because you'd have a preety good low post scorer in deng and Tyrus wouldn't have to play undersized anymore

  • Correction to what i said above: considering keeping up the podcast twice a month

  • Thanks for reconsidering, Doug! I know the information is available on your blog, but it just wouldn't have been the same. Your podcast injects your personality and humor into the conversation. Looking forward to the next Bullsbeat!!!

  • Don't post much but thanks for giving it a try! You're podcast is where I go to find out any pertinent bulls info. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate it.

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