Bulls Beat #127 released

Bulls Beat #127 released.

After getting about 100 comments about my podcast going away, I return to the podcasting world after a 1 day retirement with sad personal news along with some discussion of the Bulls. You can subscribe to the Bulls Beat here (warning that link launches itunes).


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  • I second that yesssssssssssss. Like all the great ones retirment is difficult. At least you didn't retire and then come back and do a Wizards podcast.
    I didn't know Patricia, but it's always a sad day when the world looses a good teacher and a kind person. My condolenses.

  • Man alot of really good people related to the bulls have died this year/last year....the bulls first coach (i believe, can't remember name) my favorite, Norm Van Lir, and now Patricia, even though I never got a chance to know her but from what you said she sounds like a person who will be dearly missed.

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