Tyrus Thomas wearing cast on injured wrist

From Sam Smith's Bulls blog:

Have you seen that guy around Chicago who looks like Tyrus Thomas and
is wearing a cast on his wrist? It turns out it is Tyrus, who
apparently has some issues with his wrist. Thomas was told to wear a
cast to immobilize it for two or three weeks and no real problems are
expected. But it was a surprise to me and one of my loyal
correspondents, who sent me this e-mail from the Chicago Theatre last
week: "I was at the Chicago Theater enjoying the TBS Very Funny Comedy
Special feast (very funny, I heard). I ran into Tyrus Thomas on the way
to my seat. He appeared to have a large cast on his wrist. Being the
ever prying fan that I am, I asked if he was alright, though he was,
not surprisingly, mum on the subject. Is Tyrus alright? I'm worried."
The Bulls told me not to worry when I inquired, but didn't elaborate.
Then I was directed by a reader to Tyrus' twitter account, where Tyrus
offered these observations: "Another road block.... But hey, I'm going
to turn it into another stepping stone. I ain't changing my
destination. Just my route! Luke12:48?. ?" "As usual, Mission
Accomplished for today. Now I'm at the damn doctor. I hate this
place!!!?" My disappointment is I just learned Morse code.

The worst thing about this news, or the best thing depending on your view, is that Tyrus Thomas will be much more likely to stay with the team this season now.   Tyrus has often been considered trade bait, but the majority of off season trades happen on draft day, and a team may not be willing to trade for Tyrus while he has some type of unknown injury.

Granted, the injury situation may be very cut and dry behind the scenes, so that it's not a factor.   We don't know whether it's something that has any possibility of dragging into the season or hampering him further down the line, but GMs generally are not fond of guys with injuries.

The danger in trading for an injured player on draft day is that the process of going through the physical can't return the situation to the pre-trade conditions.   If draft picks are involved then if a team cancels the trade they don't get back the #16 pick in the draft but the player taken with that pick.   If the teams wanted different players then they are stuck with what the other team wanted in a canceled trade.

As for how it will effect Tyrus himself as a player, the most likely scenario is that it merely cuts into his off season workout time.   That's not the worst thing, but Tyrus still needs all the time he can get in the gym and if the injury drags into the 4+ week territory it could hamper his off season considerably. 

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