Raptors to look at sign and trade for Bosh

Bryan CoAngelo was surprisingly candid in a recent interview about the future of Chris Bosh.

"We'll have the discussion, we'll talk about the pros and the cons,
he'll most likely not sign it, and then we'll get in to next season,
we'll figure out where we are.  In respect to the situation for him,
there will be a handful of teams next year - I'm guessing between five
and ten - which will have maximum allowable free agent money, which
means Chris is subject to walk to one of those deals.  But, I have to
reiterate the point that keeps being overlooked - we're the only team
that can offer him a full six years versus five years, 10.5% increases
versus 8% increases... Basically equates to a $30 million dollar
difference.  So, even if he wants to leave, he's still better served,
and we're better served if he works a sign-and-trade with us where we
can get some sort of an asset back from the team that he's going to. 
And, I think that's probably the thing that we'll both push for because
he'll benefit from it and we'll benefit from it, and that's why it's
probably not time to panic now and make a bad deal."

While CoAngelo didn't say, "we'll trade Bosh right now", the fact that he realizes Bosh isn't going to stay in Toronto and needs to get maximum value for Bosh makes it highly likely that Bosh will be traded this summer in a move where he signs an extension.   Quite simply, as a sign and trade target where Bosh can walk if a sign and trade isn't offered, teams won't bid as much on Bosh as they will this summer where Bosh can't walk away.

That means the right offer should be able to pry Bosh away.   Can the Bulls put together such an offer?   Who knows.   Tyrus Thomas, two draft picks, and expiring deals for Bosh seems like about as much as the Bulls would give up.  

Would Bosh sign an extension as part of a trade?   Would the Bulls do a trade if he wouldn't?   Do you even really want Chris Bosh on a deal that will average 20 million per year?   While he clearly upgrades the team, it's highly likely to be similar to paying Jermaine O'Neal all that money.   Maybe you do it because he makes you better than anything else you can do, but he's still not worth the money.

This isn't to rip on the idea for trading for Bosh.  I'd make the trade and pay him, but it has a fantastically high percentage chance of not working out in the long run.   It's just better than our other options by such a large margin.

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