Prospect of the Day - Tyreke Evans

Tyreke Evans,
Freshman, Memphis,
NBA Position: PG/SG,
H: 6'5, W: 221, Age: 19 

Tyreke Evans, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated prospects in this draft class.   He has outstanding ball handling ability for a player of his size and great first step.   Evans drives into the paint at will and creates great separation between himself and his defender when attacking the basket.   He has the perfect measurements for a shooting guard with legit height, weight, wingspan, and reach.  

Evans excels in transition since he's a great finisher, passer, and
ball handler.   He's more than capable of running the break at a high
level or finishing it.    In the half court, he also gets past his
defenders with ease using a combination of spins, fakes, crossovers and
other moves with a great first step and strong finishing ability.  
He's a great ball handler with both hands, but typically prefers his
dominant hand like most players.

One downside to Evans is that he needs to dominate the ball to be
successful.   His season turned around when he was moved from an off
the ball role to an on the ball role.   He's also not a pure point
guard either, so dominating the ball may not be the best thing for his
team.   He's similar to O.J. Mayo in that regard.

The other big flaw in Evans' game is his lack of a quality jump shot.  
He tends to bring the ball back over his head when shooting which makes
him more difficult to block, but also makes him less consistent with
the shot.    He may struggle more than some prospects to improve his
jumper if he doesn't rework his form and reworking his form may cause
him to take a step back initially.

Defensively Evans is very good.   He doesn't give up may blowbys, he
makes quite a few steals and blocks a lot of shots for a guard.   He
has very good defensive upside as he continues to gain experience and
is very good for his age already.

Tyreke Evans reminds me of Larry Hughes as his peak prior to signing a
mega deal, getting injured and having his game fall apart.    He's a
guy who may average 20/5/5 at the next level who can play PG in spurts,
attack the basket, but struggle with his jump shot.


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  • I really liked the guy at first, but even if the Bulls moved up, I don't like him next to Rose. There's a difference between being a capable ball handler, and needing the ball. Harden can handle, but he's also selfless, makes good decisions, and moves well without the ball.

    That and I'm really starting to see some Starbury in him, and we don't need that.

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