Prospect of the Day - Tyler Hansbrough

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 14 Tyler HansbroughTyler Hansbrough,
Senior, North Carolina,
NBA Position: PF,
H: 6'9, W: 235, Age: 23 years old 

Hansbrough was thought to have great measurements / athletic results at the pre-draft camp in Chicago which raised his stock in the eyes of many.  His height measured out as legit PF sized, and his max vert also tested out well.   However, his no step vertical was only average and his standing reach was poor.  Looking at the draftexpress database, players with a no step vertical reach as low as Hansbrough have basically never been a success in the NBA.   Chris Kaman and Carlos Boozer are a couple guys with only slightly higher no step vertical reaches who've been successful, but this is a very big negative indicator.   One which is even worse for Dejaun Blair for what it's worth.
For that reason, I wouldn't look at his predraft measurements as having
raised or lowered his stock.   No step vertical reach may be the best
indicator for big man success of all the different measurements taken
at the predraft camp, not that any of them are extremely strong
indicators.  The measurements shouldn't be viewed as a negative for him
relative to where he was thought to be prior to measurements.   He just
also shouldn't have gained anything out of them as he was viewed to be
a guy who played short, and he is.

Getting past the measurements, watching Hansbrough play, it's clear
that he's an average athlete and will be below average at the NBA
level.   He spends most of his time operating in isolation in the low
post.   He creates his own shots down low and isn't reliant on
overpowering players, getting super deep penetration, or perfect passes
to get a good shot off.   He does a nice job turning with either pivot
foot or facing up to get his shot off, largely shooting turnaround

He fights hard for position and puts out a lot of energy.   He's able
to draw fouls at a high rate in the post as well and from eyeballing it
looked like he deserved even more fouls than were called in his favor. 
His post game is reminiscent of Mike Sweetney except without the
advantage of having massive weight to throw people around, but his
average athleticism gives him similar speed.

Hansbrough has a decent jumper as a spot up shooter, though he doesn't
shoot it all that frequently.   He should develop a capable mid range
shot in the NBA to add to his repertoire.   Hansbrough is a blackhole
on offense and doesn't really show any creative passing skills or the
desire to move the ball around much only passing on kickouts or resets.

He's a decent rebounder.  He has good fundamentals and looks to box
someone out as soon as the ball goes up.  He's good at getting a body
on a guy and fighting for the ball.  His athleticism probably prevents
him from being significantly better though.   His upside as a rebounder
is probably only average in the NBA, but his work should keep him from
being deficient.

Defensively, Hansbrough provides some toughness and strength, however, his lack of athleticism hurts him on the pick and roll and when he has to cover on the perimeter.   Most big men in the NBA will have a speed advantage and a reach advantage on him, so he'll likely struggle on the next level.

While not big news, it seems clear that Hansbrough is going to come in
and become a role player.  He has  no chance at stardom, and probably
will be best served being a #4 big man on a team, maybe reaching #3 big
man status in a couple of years.  He has a high floor, but a low
ceiling, what you see is probably what you get.


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  • I wouldn't be thrilled, but I guess I wouldn't be all that disappointed if we got him at #26. I like that he can work the post, but I don't think he's the answer since he'll likely be deficient on the defensive end and won't be able to spend much time on the floor. That, and if he's not a passer, will he fit into an offense with Rose, where we're likely to see big men with a lot of assist opportunities?

    Even as a role player, I'm just not impressed with the prospects. That said, he'd probably be a good fit for a team already stacked defensively, who run a slow developing half court set.

  • Obviously, Hansbrough has the highest chance of landing 16. He's a hardworker that was the face of NCAAM this year. He's tall with a crazy motor that would be nice backing up Tyrus Thomas. He could play physical inside, while Brad plays on the high post. We all know Hansbrough would relish that moment being aside someone with Brad's skills. He'd be a steal at 26 but he's not my first choice at 16. He just doesn't project well on the next level. He seem more of a Brandon Bass type.

  • Actively looking to block out the minute a shot goes up is no small accomplishment in today's game, it is actually what you are taught to do from junior high on. Ben Gordon for instance has yet to plant his more than ample ass in anyones thigh even once in his entire 5yr career. Not sure that Thomas believes in boxing out either. Noah is probably the only Bull who curently does.

    However, I agree that I would be dissappointed at #16 but could live with the pick at #26, but he will be gone by then.

    Best case I hope for Mullens at #16 and Chase Budinger at #26, probably gone, so Toney Douglas to replace Gordon or Hinrich or both depending on what happens this summer.

  • Hansbrough just d oesn't look like your normal successful PF. His game isn't under control like Boozer, Randolph, or some other 6'8'' Power Forward.

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