Prospect of the Day - Ty Lawson

Final FourTy Lawson,
Junior, North Carolina,
NBA Position: PG,
H: 6'0, W: 197, Age: 21 

Lawson has done everything that asked of him as a college prospect, and performs efficiently in all aspects of the game.   He can take players off the dribble effectively in the half court and plays very well leading the break in transition as well.   He's a good ball handler with either hand and uses a variety of advanced dribble moves to create space.

Lawson's definitely on the smaller side, but as a pure PG that
shouldn't affect him.   He's got very good strength for his size and
doesn't play soft defensively which mitigates the potential height
disadvantage.   He's  athletic, but he didn't seem like he was a freak
when it came to his quickness.    

Lawson's shot the three extremely well this season at 47.2% on 3.6
attempts per game, an increase of 11.1% from the prior season on the
same number of attempts.    He did an exceptional job shooting kick
outs when he was open on the perimeter, but he also did well on the
pull ups.

Lawson makes good decisions with the ball and makes few turnovers for
his usage.   He plays well in the pick and roll and can deliver crisp
passes to the spot up man, cutter, or roll man even when double
teamed.   He's also effective at getting to the rim off the pick and
roll and creating his own shot.

Defensively Lawson is very aggressive.   He applies a lot of pressure
to opposing teams, and forces turnovers.   He does make mistakes or get
beaten defensively at times especially when he's overly aggressive, but
aggressive defenders tend to have better upside at the next level than
passive ones even when they make mistakes.

All in all, there's not much more to say about Lawson, he won a
championship, has good intangibles, performed well in virtually every
situation he was presented with.   The sole downside of Lawson might be
the strength of his teammates.   He didn't face as much defensive
pressure as Jonny Flynn did, and doesn't seem quite as explosive as an
athlete.    Of the PGs I've looked at, I place him 2nd behind Flynn
with Jennings/Rubio/Curry being guys I haven't checked out.   I'd be
very surprised if he wasn't able to be successful in the NBA, but Flynn
strikes me as having more upside.


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  • sounds like a good backup for Rose

  • Doug, I just hope that we us the pick for something of greater need. I think backup pg's are a lot easier to find than some of our other needs (post scorer and/or center, 2 guard)

  • Or if it's someone who projects as a SG in the NBA, but who could play backup PG as well.

  • I think Tyreke Evans might be that guy, and he has a small chance of falling to 16, I think. He has some issues off the court which might give some people pause, and he'll almost certainly be gone, but I think there's a slim chance he'll drop. If he does, he'll definitely be the BPA.

    He's a score first kind of guy, though, which might not be such a bad thing at point for 8-12 minutes if he's surrounded with good rebounders and defenders. He shows a lot of potential getting to the rim, has a nice midrange jumper off a drive fake, and plays solid defense. He has a nice enough looking shot that he should be able to develop into an NBA three pointer eventually.

    The question is, can he be leveraged next to Rose at SG. He does have some ability to create for others, and I'm intrigued by the possibility of having two ball handlers that can get to the rim at any given time on the court together. It would be a similar dynamic to having Rose and Wade in the same back court (no, I'm not saying Evans will be as good as Wade). On the other hand, I don't ever see Evans getting the ball and passing/shooting without a dribble, so... it might fail miserably.

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