Prospect of the Day - Jonny Flynn

Jonny Flynn,
Sophomore, Syracuse,
NBA Position: PG,
H: 6'0, W: 197, Age: 20

Flynn is a dynamic offensive player.  Watching him, I just think he has an "it" factor to his game.    He's a small guard, but the PG position has many elite players with similar size, so shouldn't be a huge concern.  He weighed in at near 200lbs at the pre-draft camp in Chicago as long as this weight turns out to be muscle and not fat, he'll be awfully strong for his size.
Flynn's incredibly quick, an incredible ball handler, and great at
using a combination of speeds and hesitations.  That combination allows
him to take defenders off the dribble with ease in the half court or in
transition.   Flynn excels at getting all the way to the basket, and
when there he's able to finish even when heavily contested with a
variety of moves as well as draw contact and get to the free throw

Besides being a good finisher, Flynn also displays great passing
instincts.   He's definitely not a combo guard whom you have to worry
about running a team.   He sets teammates up with creative passes at
the rim or on kick outs.   On top of that, he's plays very effectively
in the pick and roll even when double teamed.    

The primary thing Flynn needs to improve upon on the offensive end is
his jump shot.   He had a nice mid range jumper, and he did a nice job
hitting it when pulling up off the dribble.   However, his three point
shot was very inconsistent.    He doesn't always square up on his shot,
and he sometimes gets inconsistent arc even when open at the line.   A
shooting coach could do wonders for him in the future.

Defensively, he played in a zone which means his defense wasn't
particularly easy to judge.   Guards were generally able to get past
him, though whether that was due to him releasing him to a different
area of the zone or whether they were true blowbys is up for debate.  
Nothing I saw out of Flynn made me think he'll be a good defender on
the next level though.    
Overall, Flynn looks like a very strong PG prospect.  He does
everything a point guard should do at a very high level.   His
weaknesses are things which should be able to be covered up fairly
easily or improved over time.  


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  • Love Flynn, not many guys with his personality and confidence at that size. He plays bigger than his height. He has championship pedigree written all over him.

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