Prospect of the Day - Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin,
Sophomore, Oklahoma,
NBA Position: PF
H: 6'10, W: 248, Age: 20

First, while Griffin measured out at 6'10 in shoes, it was a short 6'10.   He had a very poor standing reach for his height though at only 8'9.   However, unlike Hansbrough who measured out similarly, Griffin plays with a great deal of athleticism.   He tested out excellently in the bench and no step vertical, and that leaping and power allows him to play much bigger than his size.
In the post, Griffin overwhelms opponents with power moves, frequently
going up through double teams to make plays.   He works hard to gain
position and is truly dominant once he hast it.   Besides simply
playing in the post, he finishes ally oops or transition plays well.

Griffin's overall efficiency is extraordinary given the volume of
offense he took on for his team.   Opponents had no answer for his
athleticism, quickness, or strength as Griffin could do whatever he
wants in the post in most games.    Of course, Griffin displays
outstanding touch, or else he wouldn't be able to finish all of his
opportunities so efficiently. 

He'll be a pure post post player on the next level and should prove
difficult to contain.  Besides his individual offense, Griffin displays
nice passing instincts out of the post.   He'll be even more effective
on the next level due to his ability to get the ball and find the open
man rather than simply be a black hole down there.    He's appears to
be quite unselfish and willing to work within a system.

Also, Griffin is an outstanding rebounder and fights hard on the glass
on both ends an ability which should also translate nicely to the next
level.   Defensively, Griffin shows some potential because of his
athleticism and strength, but he doesn't have the length to be a great
shot blocker, nor was he one in college.

There are a couple downsides to Griffin.  He really can't do anything
outside of 6 feet from the basket.   Most quality PFs have nice mid
range game whereas Griffin won't initially have one at all.   While he
dominated physically in college, and should do well physically in the
NBA, there aren't many post players who dominate with an 8'9 standing

His size may cap his ceiling somewhat at the NBA level.   He looked
like the best prospect in the draft and deserves to go number one based
on a high floor and a high ceiling, but he's probably only got all-star
potential and not superstar potential on the next level.


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  • He wanted to play for Bulls. I find that notion intriguing.

  • On when interviewed by Chuck. Check the Bulls draft central.

  • there was an interview on comcast ondemand that said he loved watching MJ so he was a Bulls fan.

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