Predraft combine and measurement numbers now fully released

So the Chicago predraft camp measurements and combine results are now fully released.

There are a lot of things that jump off the page, but I'm going to stick to the ones that involve the players the Bulls may be interested in or have been connected to.
First, James Johnson measured out pretty nicely.  His 6'7 barefoot height makes him borderline 6'9 by standard NBA measurement practices and his weight/strength make it seem possible that he could guard PFs.   His 12% body fat was maybe a bit concerning, but it also means that he's 227 lbs with no body fat which makes him a legit 245 in weight if he slims down.   He was really strong as well with 18 reps on the bench.  

Jonny Flynn is probably a stretch to be related to the Bulls, but his athletic testing reconfirmed my opinion that he's got legit all star potential at the next level.   His weight 197 with his body fat 6.6% combined with his incredible vertical leap and strong bench press score make me feel he's going to be an elite athlete on the next level.

Tyler Hansbrough measured in taller than expected and had decent athletic numbers as well.   For a guy long thought to be short and unathletic he's tested out above what people expected.

Blake Griffin, though not really of great interest to Bulls fans, had really short arms and only moderate athleticism.   I don't think the numbers could realistically change his stock, but they certainly aren't really eye popping.

Chase Budinger was hurt on measurements, but he tested out well athletically with a very good vertical.  

Wayne Ellington also had good measurements and athletic testing.   If he could actually gain some muscle mass and keep his vertical, he might be dangerous in a few years, but he plays incredibly soft right now.

There's probably some other interesting thoughts in there, but those were a few immediate thoughts when glancing over the numbers.

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