Olympiakos looking at Gordon?

The Hoop blog suggests that Gordon is looking at Europe, however google translater makes it look more like Europe is looking at Gordon and not the other way around.

Ben Gordon(1.91-PG/SG) is rumored to have been offered to Olympiakos by his agent and this is something that is being confirmed by a plenty of greek sports portals, redplanet.gr and gazzetta.gr to name a few. This sets a new spin on the transfer targets of Olympiakos because Ben Gordon has a british passport. That means he occupies the position of a bosman player and not of a foreign player.

What does this mean?   Probably nothing.   I did run his links through a google translator, and they're talking about Gordon going to Olympiakos in a way that they'll pursue him, but that the paper's consider it a long shot themselves.

I don't see that there's any way that Gordon goes to Europe unless things are really bad here in the NBA.  The exchange rate isn't what it once was, and the money in European basketball has dried up a lot with the bad economy.   European contracts have a reputation of not being worth the paper they're printed on, though I don't know that's a factor with such a major team as Olympiakos.

If Gordon did, in some crazy event, end up in Europe, then he could be one of the greatest European players ever.  Imagine Ben Gordon with a closer three point line, and shorter, less athletic defenders.    He could be the Kobe Bryant of Euroleague.

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