No proof that Rose cheated

According to ESPN, Memphis was unable to find any proof that the mystery former Memphis basketball player (*cough* Derrick Rose *cough*) cheated on his SATs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis
was unable to find proof that a former player cheated on his SAT exam
in its internal investigation of NCAA allegations against the men's
basketball team.

The investigation report, released to The
Associated Press and other news outlets Tuesday under a public records
request, details Memphis' internal investigation into allegations that
a former player -- widely reported to be Derrick Rose -- allowed a stand-in to take his SAT test and of grade tampering.

This whole story is rather bizarre.   I'd assume the primary proof they would have would be handwriting samples from Derrick's earlier SATs to his third SAT which passed.   If the NCAA checked this out and the handwriting didn't match according to experts, then that would likely be about as much proof as there could be.

If the NCAA didn't have such proof what is the allegation based on?   If they did, how does Memphis discount it (different handwriting expert?).  That's part of the problem here, unless Rose's test taking was video taped somewhere then what proof could there be?   No one's stepping forward and claiming they took it.

Hopefully Rose catches a break from the media after this though as the whole issue of an SAT score for someone who only went to college due to Stern's age rule is irrelevant to me and I suspect most Bulls fans.

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