Luol Deng working out; still a few weeks away from 100%

I've received a mixed bag update on Luol Deng's stress fracture. 
Sources tell me that Luol Deng has started his summer workouts, but
he's still not 100% yet.   He's rumored to be going down to IMG to work
out with David Thorpe at some point, but he's presently in Chicago
doing what he can while being cautious with the leg.

As for the stress fracture itself, the last update my sources have given me says another three to four weeks before it's 100%.

On the bright side, as long is Deng is at 100% before the season starts that will be great for the Bulls.   On the downside, this stress fracture has taken far longer to heal than what you typically read about for stress fractures when playing google-doctor and looking up information on them online.  

Hopefully Deng will heal fast enough to encorporate a three point shot into his game before the summer is complete.


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  • A healthy Deng is important to this team.... If he's 100% in 4 weeks that still gives him time to work on things this summer but the most important thing is to just be healthy when the season starts....

    People forget how good a healthy Deng can be....

  • Doug,
    You think Luol Deng could be negotiated next season?
    the rumors that you have together, what it is more likely to occur?

  • Doug,
    You do not think the board of Chicago is betting everything in 2010/11 and is likely to leave part of the season 2009/10?

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