League still looking at Rondo's foul?

Seriously?   After you basically lost the series for the Bulls with this completely bogus call, you're telling me you're still looking at it?   There were multiple flagrants in the playoffs that were no where near as flagrant.

When the NBA Competition Committee met last Wednesday in Chicago, it looked at video of all the flagrant fouls and controversial plays during the playoffs so far. The one that received the most attention was Celtics guard Rajon Rondo's hard foul across the face of the Bulls' Brad Miller during the first round. Rondo knocked out one of Miller's teeth and left him dazed. The NBA decided the next day that it wasn't a flagrant foul because Rondo showed intent to go for the ball and didn't follow through with his swing. "The Rondo play was the one that was discussed the most," said Ainge, who attended the meeting. "Half thought it was a flagrant, half thought it wasn't."

Just reading that this is still up for debate pisses me off.   Every time I read about Stu Jackson's explanation it pisses me off.   Every time I read about how flagrant fouls are called consistently, but it's us the viewers who simply don't understand it, I get pissed off.

This whole issue is one of the biggest loads of crap I've ever seen.   Let's be clear.   That was a blatantly obvious flagrant foul.   Let's be clear again, the only reason it wasn't called one was because the league didn't want to face the issue of whether to replay the call, because the bad call clearly cost the Bulls the game, and the series against the Celtics.

Normally, that wouldn't be an issue, but in the dumbest move in the history of sports, the NBA decided to replay the Shaq foul out game against Atlanta, and now every time the refs screw up something so obvious that possibly changes the outcome of a game there will be questions about whether it should be replayed.   Clearly there was no good logistical way to replay the final 2 seconds of this game.  

Had it not been for the Shaq foul game, the league could simply say "We don't replay games", but now they no longer have that excuse.   Now the Bulls could rightly ask why can't we replay that game with Ben Gordon shooting those two free throws and the Bulls getting the ball back?    

It's over now, but I'm still a bit bitter about that one.   The only bright side is that it could be worse.   You could be a Kings fan that had to endure Bibby getting called for a foul when Bryant elbows him in the face and bloodied his nose which cost the Kings the game and a NBA championship. 



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  • Doug I remember that talked to one of your sources and they said they didn't call it was because they were worried it would be replayed. Do you think that it would ever come to that? All those objecting to this not being flagrant foul is ridcoulous. The league clearly states that any foul above the shoulders in flagrant. They discussion should be if the foul was flagrant 2 or flagrant 1

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