Latest Bulls trade rumors

The #11 pick to the Bulls for #16 and #26 seems to be making the rounds.   Sam Smith commented on it in his latest blog.

As for whom, they liked Jonny Flynn. I can see Gerald Henderson, who
can be a star level player and a top defender. Maybe James Johnson, a
talented inside player who can run the court and finish. There's a
chance Jordan Hill drops, a legitimate power forward. Maybe Jeff
Teague, who is a version of Ben Gordon and much cheaper. That's the
kind of move that make sense to me.

Yahoo sports, Adrian Wojnarowski also commented on it in his latest draft article

The Chicago Bulls are trying to convince the New Jersey Nets to take their 16th and 26th picks to move to No. 11, and one Eastern Conference executive says Chicago's target is Wake Forest forward James Johnson.

Some say Johnson has been slipping and could be available at No. 16, but no one seems sure about anything in this draft.

Johnson's name has come up twice, and while I don't know if we need to trade up to #11 to grab Johnson, I won't be upset by that action.   Johnson's been one of my favorite players when reviewing the draft.   He has an outstanding skillset, and would play very well as a four in an offensive, attack oriented lineup.

Johnson, of course, fancies himself a three.   It seems like every player who's between the three and the four wants to be a three, but Johnson's future in this league is as a four even if he doesn't yet realize it.   His speed and ball handling advantage at the four will allow him to kill guys off the dribble which he'd struggle with as a three.


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  • Johnson even adds to that, being able to (at the college level, anyway) successfully post up SF's, but take the bigger PF's off the dribble.

    I'm even more intrigued by the mismatch potential of Clark, being able to defend almost everyone on the floor (also the advantages when he switches defensively), but I'm not sure I like the gamble on his offensive game. The more I read about and watch Clark, the more I like a pick of Johnson.

  • Johnson doesn't really do much for me. Bulls already have a 3/4 tweener in Tyrus. Someone who is a more traditional PF is more desirable.

    Garrrrr, matey! Forget about Johnson.

    However I can totally get into Johnson competing in mixed martial arts! He is a Karate blackbelt and according to SI he's fought amatuer mma in high school. His combo of size and athleticism would be a hard match for heavyweights.

  • I'd take Hansbrough(even though I've been a "hater" since UNC days) at #16. I laugh at giving him a thought at #11. Wth Psycho-T you at least know what you're getting.

    If you're talking 6'7" power forwards from Wake, then stick me in a time machine cuz I'd rather draft Rodney Rogers than James Johnson.

    This draft sucks so bad that I just don't care about trading up for a higher mid-first round pick. You're not going to get major impact player so I'd rather keep the 2 1st round picks and just get some bodies who'll likely be role players off the bench. There's no low-post offensive sparkplug to be found after Griffin and Hill.

  • I would be more "relaxed" if the Bulls went for a SG though that could have an impact on both ends of the court.
    The glaring need that seems to be found in the Bulls lineup is the SG.
    Because after its all said and done Gordon will be most likely gone and remember Salmons will be off the books after this season I think.
    We have a lot of tweeners already on our squad with Salmons, Thomas and even some saying Deng can play SF/PF going small line up.

  • I was looking at some mock drafts and some of the opinions of DaJuan Summers are similar to that of Johnson.
    Im not saying they are exact or of same value i just think taking a SG/PG at 16 and someone like Summers at 26 is more valuable for the Bulls moving forward.
    What do you think are the great differences between Summers and Johnson?

  • besides lateral quickness haha

  • I really don't think that we need to move to 11 to get Johnson, most rumors have him sliding not rising.

    Not really my favorite pick on a gut level, but I did see a nice highlight real on NBA TV, and he looked quite a bit like Carmelo Anthony, physically and ability wise.

    He seems to be a good mid range shooter, puts the ball on the floor real well, has great moves around the hoop and finishes well.

    He actually doesn't look like he weighs 257, which would definately position him as a power forward. He actually looks like a much better all around scorer than anyone on our front line includig Deng. Would make a nice addition as a third forward playing both spots. But then again, so would Earl Clark, although he is probably not as proficient a scorer.

    If we move up to 11 it has to be for Blair, Henderson or Mullens. Blair is going 9-11, Henderson seems be locked in at 12, and Mullens is going 12-15, with Detroit seeming to be the best fit, although Phoenix is going to need a center within a year.

    That leaves Johnson, Hansbrough, Williams and maybe Earl Clark available at 16.

    Clark could be real hard to pass up, apparently Clark and Johnson are basically traveling and working out together, but no one seems to be divulging who is coming out on top.

    If Gordon leaves, which I believe that he does, one way or the other, Henderson or Williams make sense as the starting 2 guard in 2010.

    this trade will not happen until draft day, and after the Bulls make their pick, then and only if a surprise player doesn't fall to Jersey at 11, and a guy they want is available to the Bulls at 16 will the trade go down. Supposedly, they are targeting Hansbrough or Williams.

    Unless we really want and can get Blair of Mullens, I say stay at 16 and 26.

  • Yeah, that was what impressed me in the highlight package that I saw. His ballhandling seems guardlike and he seemed to be able to make moves with both hands and in either direction.

    Saw an interview where he said, he patterns his game after Carmelo Anthony. He actually seemed to move like Anthony.

    From the clips I saw, he looks like a way better scorer than Both Deng and Thomas, so he could well be a starter.

  • Hey, Doug, I tried to reply to one of your comments above but my comments posted at the end not under your comment which I attempted to reply to. Am I doing something wrong, Please advise.

  • Doug Exactly! The forwards in this draft aren't likely to be all-stars.. I don't see any all-stars actually. So I wouldn't waste time trading up for #11. Just sit pat and get two young bodies who'll play D and be physical underneath. All this draft is good for is stocking up on reserves. This draft doesn't have many "answers."

    Garrrr (matey) Forman is going to have to work some trade/free agent magic like a good little GM now isn't he.

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