Joakim Noah working out again

According to a hoopsworld chat with Mike Moreau, Joakim Noah is working out at IMG and apparently impressing in the process.

is already in our gym.  He arrived yesterday and put in a full day's
work on his post game and shooting form.  He is an inspiration to all
of our young aspiring pros after just one day!  Stay tuned!

Well that's certainly good news to see Noah working out already.   Working on his shooting form though?   I don't know.   Seems kind of like a lost cause, I'd rather see him just stick to post game, weight training, and big man skills.   The Bulls tried to change his form his rookie year, and he didn't stick with it.   Why start that process over again at this point?

If it works it will be worth it, but it just seems the odds of it working are so low, and he could come back as a worse free throw shooter for the change as well.

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