Hinrich not in the Timberwolves plans

According to the new team President, David Kahn, Kirk Hinrich isn't in the plans for the Wolves dispelling the weak rumor reported previously.

When asked about rumored trades, he mentioned Kirk Hinrich whom he
described as a nice player who makes too much money. He said Hinrich is
not what the team is looking for offensively

Well this certainly doesn't come as a surprise.   Did anyone really think the Bulls would get the #6 pick for Kirk Hinrich?   I thought the rumor was too good to be true when the story first broke, and it appears that assessment was accurate.

Hinrich is still going to be moved.   I've reported that before, and the evidence I've heard suggests that it's a certainty and, if anything, has strengthened as I've heard more bits and pieces of it.   The only question will be what do we try to get back for Kirk.   I view the answer as follows:

Plan A: Package him with other assets to get a stud Forward; Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, etc..

Plan B: Send him off for salary relief / draft picks.   Use the remaining space to resign Ben Gordon

Plan C: Send him off for similarly talented players on similar financial deals who may fit our roster needs better (Chris Kaman)


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  • At this point in his career, Kirk is what he is. His jumper will never be as good as Gordon because his shot look flat - I finally found out how Gordon makes his shot so effortlessly! His passing skills are solid. His defense is solid. In all respect to Hinrich, he doesn't wow you, he just gets the job done when healthy. Simply, Hinrich is just good, nothing more or nothing less. I don't think Clippers will Hinrich because they still got Davis - at least that's what Sam Smith said. If we could trade Hinrich with the 26th pick for Joel Pryzbilla, I would do it in a heart-beat. At this point, you just have to make the best decision in order to resign Gordon. I think Rose, Gordon and Salmons can be the big three sometime next year with all healthy legs.

  • "His jumper will never be as good as Gordon because his shot look flat - I finally found out how Gordon makes his shot so effortlessly!"

    Ben Gordon has about as good of fundamentals for a jumpshot. He jumps really high, which leads to a higher release point, and has a lot of arc on it, which gives the ball a better approach angle.

    Ideally, you want the ball to be going through the basket at a 90 degrees approach angle. This of course is only possible on a slam dunk though, and not on a jumpshot. As the angle decreases from 90 degrees, the total available area that a ball can go through the hoop decreases. With an approach angle from 46.7 degrees to 90 degrees, the ball can pass through any place of the hoop. For shots between 46.7 degrees and 33.3 degrees, you begin to lose area for the ball to go through the hoop. At 33.3 degrees, you can only have the ball pass through the hoop if it is in the exact middle.

    It is physically impossible for the ball to go through the hoop with an approach angle of less than 33.3 degrees.

    You can of course make shots with these lesser angles, but you need the ball to get a friendly bounce off the rim.

  • I'm shocked you would say that. Joel averaged close to 9 rebound, rightfully under the hardworking Scola. Do you know how much Tyrus averaged..., a feeble 6 rebounds. Mike Miller grabbed more bounds than Tyrus Thomas! I'm just saying Dougy Fresh, if you want someone to hold off Perkins from abusing Noah every single time it's a meet in the paint, you have to give up the backup Point Guard that isn't in the future plans for more immediacy.

  • I think he is an expiring contract. BTW there's no way Blazers trade him

  • I have a theory; if you cannot trade a player who is essentially in his prime, for about the coresponding draft pick at which he was chosen then he is a bust.

    Hinrich was a 7, I believe, so if Minny won't give us the 6 in a supposed really bad draft then he is a bust.

    Could we trade Gordon for the #3 pick, I doubt it. Although maybe this year the Wiz would give us #5 and an expiring contract(etan Thomas). Does that make him a bust also?

    Loul Deng for the #7 pick, with his contract maybe not, Bust or not?

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