Hansbrough to the Bulls at #16? [Chad Ford]

Hansbrough is in the mix for the Bulls at #16 according to Chad Ford.

Another player who really seems to have helped
himself at the combine was UNC's Tyler Hansbrough. He has been knocked
for being too short to play in the NBA, but he measured over 6-8 in
socks, had a solid 6-foot-11 wingspan and a standing reach that was an
inch taller than Blake Griffin's. While Hansbrough isn't the explosive
athlete that Griffin is, he isn't terrible, either.

I hear the Bulls are looking at him as high as No. 16.

Tyler Hansbrough has been someone many have reviled as a potential Bulls pick for several years now due to his lack of size/athleticism, and the fact that he just seems like the exact type of player the Bulls would select.

I haven't scouted Hansbrough extensively yet, but his NBA Pre-draft camp measurements were very favorable for him relative to expectations.    His 6'9.5 in shoes measurement would make him 6'10 by typical NBA height listing standards.   His standing reach is fairly short for his height though as I'd typically hope for at least 9 feet of reach from my PF.   It will be interesting to see how he fairs in the athletic testing when those numbers are released.

I'll have more to say about Hansbrough in another week or so when I get time to do extensive scouting on him.  Still, based on reputation, I don't know that I'd be all that upset with Hansbrough at #16.   Maybe he could be had at #20, but it's unlikely he falls to #26, and if you like a guy then there's no shame in taking him a few picks early.


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  • First comment on your blog, Doug.

    Honestly, I haven't watch any college game at all, so I don't have any personal observation to say about Tyler Hansbrough.

    To me, I prefer product over project for bulls' current situation, especially at 16th pick of this weak draft year. I'm kinda tired about potential for this bulls team. I guess Vinny will try to do win more games next season and a project big man might not be given enough minutes for him to improve himself. If that happens, a guy who can contribute something immediately will be better fit for us.

    I'm not sure what is the GM criteria of Best Play Available. If Tyler Hansbrough is the fit they(Paxson or Forman) are looking for, then take him.

  • I would not have a problem drafting Hansborough. He is big, strong and plays hard. He has a good post game and a good rebounder. I know he is not a supreme athlete, but he has some skill. Unless there is a stud wing player available, I would say take him.

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